Over the years the Lions have been one of “those” franchises that have become entrenched in bad luck and after hearing about the news regarding the recent deal involving quarterback Matthew Stafford, I remain perplexed about the actions of the organization and the future. In my opinion the bottom line is Matthew Stafford is a second-tier player when compared to the likes of quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and even Joe Flacco. Simply put, the guy has one hell of an arm, but lacks the precise decision making, mechanics and consistency to take the Lions to the Super Bowl; therefore Stafford deserves significantly less money than “elite” players and has a lot to prove. Still  $53 million dollars is a lot of cash. Maybe I’m impatient and Stafford will prove me wrong, but unfortunately with major players in the division such as the Packers I don’t think that will be the case.

What happens if Stafford and Lions do not progress in 2013? After an eight-game losing streak to end the season in 2012 the pressure is high for the Lions to perform. In the end I don’t feel that Stafford will ever be worth this deal and the Lions will be under mass scrutiny if they sport anything less than a (4-12) season. The pressure is on to perform and there shouldn’t be any excuses with an up and coming defense and the leagues #1 receiver in Calvin Johnson.

“You know, I feel great physically and mentally ready to go. I know all the guys are. You know, we’re excited to get back out there as a team and kind of get the bad taste out of our mouth from last year and I’m going to be the one spearheading the charge and getting this going in the right direction,” he said.

Details of the deal: Stafford, who had two years and $23.5 million remaining on his previous deal, will be paid $53 million in new money, with $41.5 million guaranteed with his extension.