The Illusion is starting a movement in the Bu.

His given name is Hamish Patterson, but fans and Youtube followers know him as the Illusion.  This slow-talking California surfer dude gives off chill vibes of a guy who hangs out and surfs all day, and he does, but not all the time.  Hamish is more focused on finding his inner peace so that others can find theirs.  The best part about it: he’s forty-three.

He’ll make you laugh with his heavy Cali accent and lingo, but upon closer listening you will find a recovered alcoholic and drug addict who sends a positive message on living in the now and being in the “high frequency zone.”  He can go on all day about his issues with the United States and even more so with Los Angeles, but he cares about his hometown of Malibu so much so that he ran for city council in 2012.

The Illusion was recently featured in an episode of Tosh.0 as seen below:

He can be found on Youtube as Illusion and on Twitter @malibuillusion.

Take him for what you will, but the Illusion is down right entertaining and has a quickly growing following.