Darren Rovell may get a hard time from us every now and then, but he usually comes through with a few gems a day. The below would be one of them which he brought to the world’s attention on Twitter. The folks at Oscar Mayer are allowing consumers to ‘say it with bacon’ as they can purchase velvet boxes full of bacon. The gifts are apparently available for just four weeks beginning June 4, 2013.

According to the WSJ:

Delicately bundled in a luxurious velvet jewelers box, the Oscar Mayer Original Collection includes 18-20 slices of delicious Oscar Mayer Original bacon, and is available in three personalized gift sets: The Commander, which comes with a stainless steel money-clip engraved with the words “Bringin’ it Home” and an image of a bacon strip; The Matador, which features two handsome bacon strip cufflinks; and The Woodsman, which includes a rugged 12 function multitool with a bacon strip image carved into the handle.

You can purchase the boxes for around $22-28 each, only at www.SayItWithBacon.com from June 4 to July 1, 2013. ¬†Also, that video is hilarious…