EMF did not coin the phrase in their one-hit wonder “Unbelievable” but Robert Coello is trying to coin the name WTF for his newest pitch.  Seriously, take a look at this thing:


Coello’s WTF pitch, which is a hybrid forkball that has elements of a knuckleball and curveball, is definitely different.  When forkballs existed, they did not look like this.  Forkballs generally do have movement.  However, when thrown right, Coello’s pitch has ZERO movement.  In a day when knuckleballers can re-establish their careers and every pitcher under the sun is trying to add the cutter to their arsenal, Robert Coello might be inventing a new pitch that hurlers may want to steal next.  Until then, Coello and his WTF pitch will continue to make batters (and catchers) miss.  With an ERA at the tune of 0.87 and a WHIP nestled in at 0.68, I think that’s a fair assessment to make.

Lastly, if you are wondering how it got its name of WTF, Coello breaks it down for us simpletons: “Catchers call it that.  Hitters say it.”  Fair enough.


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