Jose Canseco looks to have broken the fact that he is a suspect in a Las Vegas police rape case, and he did it on Twitter.  You can see the string of Tweets below which states that he was accused by a woman and the police in Las Vegas have just published this statement confirming Jose’s deleted Tweet:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating a Sexual Assault case. Jose Conseco [sic] has been named as the suspect in this investigation. At this time no charges have been filed and our investigation remains ongoing. Per department policy neither victim information or investigation details are available for release.

Earlier in the day, Jose initially Tweeted the below, and then deleted it right after.   You can see the bizarre rant Jose went on below.

Jose then replaced that Tweet with a picture of a lady (redacted) in a bikini who he says is the lady who accused him.  He followed it up by Tweeting the woman’s phone number (redacted).