Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive lineman Evan Mathis took to Instagram to show the world his disdain for the Internal Revenue Service. Mathis had a friend snap a picture with him “seemingly” urinating on a IRS sign in front of their building. The caption simply read: “Audit this.” Fair enough.
evan mathis

Evan did not immediately apologize for the picture, and we probably shouldn’t expect one soon.

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Jimmy Traina had a chance to speak with Evan about the incident to get some more clarity on the reason behind the photo, here is what Even had to say:

Hot Clicks: Did you actually pee?

Mathis: I’m afraid that if I tell the truth I’ll lose too much street cred.

Hot Clicks: Was it a spur of the moment decision to take the pic?

Mathis: I walked by the IRS building on the way to the Museum of Natural History and had the urge to take some kind of picture, but was then distracted by the glorious smell of a nearby hot dog stand. On our way back to the subway after leaving the museum, I came up with the idea for the picture.

Hot Clicks: Were you worried about any fallout from the Eagles?

Mathis: I didn’t do anything illegal, nor was anyone harmed, so, no.

Hot Clicks: Did you pay your taxes in full this year?

Mathis: I’m actually being audited right now. I’ll do my 2012 taxes when that’s over. Sadly, I always pay in full.