Josh Hamilton



Clearly something is wrong with Josh Hamilton these days.  In last night’s 19-inning loss versus the Oakland A’s, Josh Hamilton tallied 9 at-bats and 0 hits.  Yes, I said NINE and ZERO.  If not for a sacrifice fly in the 5th inning, Hamilton would have done absolutely nothing productive – outside of helping clean up the outfield before the game.  As odd as that was, he’s having a terrible season so far.  According to Fangraph’s WAR calculation, Hamilton is ranked #181 out of 191 eligible players (you will have to scroll to the last page to find him).  He has as many home runs as Brewer’s starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo – who only plays every fifth day.  Hamilton clearly has some issues to work out, either mentally or with his swing.  Either way, when an opposing team holds Josh Hamilton Appreciation Night and you go hitless in nine at-bats, you’re probably going to be ridiculed for awhile.


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