Nelson Piquet Jr. got into a heated argument with Brian Scott after the NASCAR Nationwide Series race Friday at Richmond International Raceway. The argument turned into shoving and the shoving turned into a cheap kick to Brian’s groin which was delivered by Nelson’s foot.  The incident stemmed from the two drivers battling it out on the track for 14th place late in the race and their cars ended up tapping each other more than once.

According to Sporting News, ‘Piquet said their feud stems from a truck race at Martinsville and  Scott said it was a long time brewing.’

Brian spoke on the incident following the race:

“I went to talk to him I was a little heated, and then he kicks me right below the belt, which I think is a below-the-belt type shot. … That just shows his character.”

Piquet also spoke to the media and apologized for the kick which he said was unintentional.

“When you get a temper at the end of the race, everybody is tired and frustrated and you do things you don’t mean, too.

“The intention wasn’t to do that. It was just to keep him away from me because I didn’t want to start a fight. He came running at me yelling. It was kind of a first reaction to defend myself. It wasn’t meant to hit him where it ended up.”

Here is another video of the incident. The groin kick happens at around the 1 minute and 33 second mark.

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