KnobFeel has taken the art of stereo review and raised it to an entirely new level. The anonymous and non-speaking reviewer makes judgement on one aspect of the system and one aspect alone – how do the knobs feel when you turn them? Using nothing other than happy noises or annoyed grunts, his reviews are easily understood by anyone shopping for new stereo equipment.

Note that each video review is accompanied by a sentence or two describing the turning in more detail. This one, for example, has this to say:

Sony STR-DH820 – Knob Feel Review
Sony can’t make their mind up. Input selectors are notched rotations, a little on the too light side. The volume Knob feels like I’m trying to move Jupiter off it’s axis. Both at least have a consistency in the fact they feel very cheap. Cheap slippy plastic Knobs don’t please me.


Look no further than KnobFeel for all of your stereo review needs!

[New Republic]