Every sports fan can sympathize with that heartbreaking moment when your favorite player gets traded from your favorite sports team. I remember when Ziggy Palffy was traded from the L.A. Kings. I was completely inconsolable. I locked myself in my room for hours, blasted emo music, and even contemplated flushing my perfectly healthy pet fish (named Ziggy) down the toilet in an attempt to rid myself of the memories.

This poor young San Jose Sharks fan appears to be experiencing this feeling for the very first time after his favorite player, Ryane Clowe, was traded to the New York Rangers just before the NHL trade deadline last week. Being a Sharks fan is tough enough as it is—at times they seem to have all the potential in the world, but then come the playoffs and its all downhill from there. Keep your head up kid.

And P.S. You CAN trade Ryane Clowe to the Sharks on NHL ’14. Problem solved!

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