Beer Pong

A hot item at the most recent Nightlife & Bar convention in Las Vegas was Beer Pong Master, which is exactly what it sounds like: a booze-less arcade game that simulates the much boozier version you played with your frat bros back in college. BPM (yeah, we’re already on an acronym level) comes from the creative minds at Bay Tek Games, which, if their Facebook page is any indication, plans to ship a lot of these bad boys out in the very near future. The folks at Food Beast explain how the game works:

You have a set amount of time (our machine was registered at 60-second games) to sink as many balls in the still-lit cups as possible. All 10 cups begin completely lit at the start of the timer, and once your first ball connects to the rim of any cup, the clock begins winding down until you’ve sunk a ball in every cup and dimmed all the lights, or 60 seconds has passed, whichever comes first.

But what about the whole “no alcohol” thing? Well, that’s where patrons and the establishment get to be creative:

The booth operator was touting the many different ways patrons and bar owners could tie drinking benefits to the machine. Of those ways included setting particular in-game scores to beat and rewarding patrons with free pitchers of beer. Another way of drinking involved participants bringing a pint of beer to the game, and drinking beside their opponent — every made cup by your opponent is a 1-second chug of beer for themselves.

Here it is, in action: