A World Cup qualifying match at Azteca Stadium is literally a no-win situation. Well, almost. On the pitch, El Tri boasts an all-time home record of 68-1-6 (ahem, make that 68-1-7 now), with the lone loss coming to Costa Rica. Friendlies don’t offer much better odds, especially for the United States men’s team, which is 1-23-1 all time on the road. But at least both sides get to send out an even number of players. Up in the stands, it’s a different story.

Azteca holds roughly 100,000 people, of which 500 are brave souls decked out in the Stars & Stripes, who famously endure a constant barrage of boos, beer and other fluids (mostly of the body variety). Tuesday night’s qualifier against Mexico was no different, as Sam’s Army — surrounded by police in riot gear — experienced the full force of the surrounding Mexican contingent, who were probably a little upset over the 0-0 final score.