Some drunk guy at SXSW was acting like a total asshole, bullying some poor guy for no apparent reason and he got what he deserved.

In the video you can see a crowd of people circled around three guys outside of what looks to be like a bar. After a minute or so of this fuzzy-headed bully messing with these two other guys–one more-so than the other–the bully decided to punch one of the guys in the face. That was immediately followed by negative reactions from the people watching, and then one thunderous sucker punch by another guy who had apparently seen enough.

You can see the puncher in the background of the video the entire time looking very unsuspecting, but then his attitude switches after the bully punches the innocent man and he enters kill-mode. The best part of the video is right before he punches the bully when he assumes the haymaker stance and lines up his victim, then absolutely destroys the bully. Knocked out cold. The crowd of people watching then began taking pictures of the bully as he lay lifeless on the ground and the sucker punch hero vanished into the background. Police showed up shortly after and all the fun came to an end. (Editorial side note: why the hell are cops still riding horses?)

This is probably one of the very few instances you will ever see a group of people be so happy about a sucker punch, but that guy had it coming.