In what seems to be a terrible idea, Mountain Dew has launched a breakfast energy-type drink. Apparently the folks who make Mountain Dew believe it is a good idea to hype up youngsters on a Mountain Dew fruit juice prior to heading to school. I have the under on when this bad boy gets shut down.

Mountain Dew spokesperson Elisa Baker said the company did extensive research into the matter. “Our consumers told us they were looking for an alternative to traditional morning beverages,” she said.

“Kickstart combines the best of all worlds — it tastes great, has just the right amount of real fruit juice and gives them a kick to help them start their day,” Baker said.

The amount of fruit juice Kickstart actually has is 5%, Baker said. As for caffeine, it has 92 milligrams in a 16-ounce can. That compares with 72 milligrams in a regular can of Mountain Dew. Pepsico’s energy drink, Amp, has almost double that — 142 milligrams of caffeine.


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