If you’re a die-hard hockey fan and you’re always looking for ways to bring that feeling of being in an arena and watching your favorite NHL team play live right into your home, Budweiser may have just the thing for you.

The global beer brand is now offering Canadian hockey fans a way to feel more connected to their favorite teams by installing the iconic red light siren that goes off when a goal is scored anywhere in your home. The light can be synched to go off when your team scores, giving fans the experience of being at the rink without actually being there. A must for any die-hard hockey fan’s man cave.

From Canadian Newswire:

“Budweiser is all about celebration and great times. As a brand that loves hockey, we wanted to elevate those key moments during the game when celebration is at its peak – the moment a goal is scored,” said Kyle Norrington, Brand Director, Budweiser. “While fans are at home enjoying the game with a cold Budweiser, we want to offer them a piece of the action and amp up goal celebrations. Budweiser developed the red lights specifically for Canadians to make hockey more fun and exciting for fans at home.”

A combination of leading edge technology and innovation, the Budweiser Red Light ensures fans will never miss a goal. With a WIFI connection and the Budweiser Red Lights App – available for iPhone and Android users – the installation process is easy. Fans just need to select their city (or two or three!) and follow the simple instructions on the app. Hockey-obsessed Canadians can rest assured they’ll know when their city has scored – the Budweiser Red Light’s horn sounds and the red light flashes. Budweiser Red Lights also give fans a ‘five-minute to game time’ warning message.

If you happen to live in Canada and want to buy a Budweiser Red Light, they are available for purchase here.