In a move which will most likely confuse and baffle numerous managers over the age of 50 years old, the MLB announced on Tuesday that they have struck a partnership with T-Mobile allowing a cell phone-based communication system between dugout and bullpen in certain ballparks this season. No longer will some managers be bound to use the 1950’s wall phone in their dugouts. No word on if they can just text the bully as of yet. The manager will have a specifically designed cell phone which will only be allowed to call the bullpen and summon a new pitcher or for someone to start getting warm.

According to the MLB press release:

Under the agreement, T-Mobile will provide MLB with a new On-Field Communication System, powered by T-Mobile’s powerful nationwide network technology. The first use of this technology will be in a wireless voice system connecting managers in select Major League dugouts to coaches in bullpens. This dugout-to-bullpen system will start to roll out in 2013 and the new On-Field Communication System solution will offer greater mobility as well as options for future innovation within the game.


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