During a 4×400-meter relay¬†between several New York high schools this past weekend, a brawl broke out on the track. Mount Vernon (New York) High sophomore Rai Benjamin and an unnamed Thomas Jefferson (Brooklyn) High athlete ran into each other during the third heat. Apparently, there was some bad blood between these schools.

After the collision, Benjamin tried to get his place back on the track, but he was “taken down” by another member of the Thomas Jefferson ¬†High. That’s when the brawling started happening. You can see in the video that several athletes start pushing and even throwing punches at each other. Then several athletes from both schools charged towards the brawl and all hell broke loose.

From the YouTube description:

The two teams were initially suspended indefinitely from future competition at New York City’s Armory, where many major prep track competitions are held throughout the winter, but Mt. Vernon has since been reinstated after a one-meet suspension, according to the report. The fate of the Thomas Jefferson team has not yet been determined.

The absolute best part of this video isn’t the fight, it’s the white guy who continues running the relay like nothing happened. I imagine he realized he might actually have a chance to win, so he keeps running as fast and as hard as he can. The video does not show the end of the race, but as far as I know, he won. Congrats, bro.