The Australian PGA Championship begins tomorrow at the Palmer Coolum Resort in Queensland, Australia and pro golfers will encounter a hazard unlike anything they’ve ever seen on a tour course before.

That’s because the course’s owner, billionaire Clive Palmer, recently installed a 26-foot-tall robotic T-Rex named Jeff (ooh, terrifying name!) between the 9th and 10th holes on the course. The giant reptile “flips its tail and opens its mouth to unleash a menacing roar when anyone approaches.” Big bad Jeff will be powered down during the tournament.

Palmer, otherwise known as the Australian John Hammond, reportedly wants to turn the resort into a theme park with more dinosaurs, and even a replica of the Titanic. As you might expect, this doesn’t exactly sit well with the PGA, who will be moving next year’s tournament to a new course after 11 years at Palmer Coolum.

*Updated with video of the dinosaur in action.

Rumor has it Palmer’s next addition to the course will be a menacing clown on the 18th hole…