The most divisive and talented male pattern baldness victim athlete we have witnessed in this past decade not named Tiger Woods. Mr. LeBron James has spent nearly half his life being scrutinized by the “official media,” Twitter feeds, Facebook timelines, and armchair pointguard analysts. Attacked for his human flaws, picked apart, jeered by many, and cheered by a loyal (and mocked) few; The LeBron James Experience has been a wild ride. With another decade on the courts quite feasible, the LBJ rollercoaster is full of ups [the 48 special in Detroit], downs [counting with the Big 3], and now we are climbing without knowing what will come past the horizon.


Grantland compiled a fifteen minute video of PTI segments on LeBron from the past ten years and it is well worth fifteen minutes of viewing. It is fascinating to watch in hindsight what a bizarre life he has lived, somehow underachieving and failing to deliver sports fans’ expectations, while demonstrating abilities never before seen in the sport.

Other than Leo Messi, there is no athlete who is better at what he does on this planet than LeBron. I could wax poetically about what makes LeBron special, but Bill Simmons can do it far more eloquently. It’s easy to love and hate in sports, which is precisely what makes them great. LeBron is not who everyone wants him to be, but he is unlike anything we have ever seen.