This crazy video comes from a recent soccer game in Chile between Union La Calera and the Santiago Wanderers. One of Union’s strikers, Gaston Cellerino, got sent off after receiving his second yellow card of the game with his team down 2-0.

On his way off the field, Cellerino shoved the Wanderers’ goalkeeper. In typical soccer fashion, the goalie embellished the shove and crashed to the pitch writhing in pure, unadulterated agony. The goalkeeper’s teammates came to his aid and confronted Cellerino, starting a minor scrum between members of both teams.

Then, when the Santiago goalkeeper approached Cellerino once again, the striker made sure he didn’t have to put on an Oscar-worthy diving performance this time around by delivering a crushing kung-fu kick straight to the chest.

I don’t think a “Super Duper Red Card” exists, but if it did…I’m pretty sure Cellerino would have just earned the hell out of one.