After Donovan McNabb’s famous post game presser in 2008, when he informed the world he was unaware an NFL game could end in a tie, you’d think the message would have have percolated through the league. Alas, following Sunday’s 49ers-Rams 24-24 final, and after both teams tried their hardest to give the game away, some postgame comments made it painfully clear that NFL teams need refresher courses on basic overtime rules.

Niners safety Dashon Goldson said “I didn’t know you could tie. When I saw both sides walking onto the field, I was like, ‘Where’s everybody going?'”. Maybe he gets a slight pass for having never been involved in a tie, but there’s no excuse for Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola, who was actually a member of the Eagles’ practice squad in 2008, when they deadlocked with the Cincinnati Bengals (thus leading to the aforementioned McNabb confession).

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