The New Knicks Alternate Uniforms Are…Orange

The New York Knicks debuted these very orange alternate uniforms on Thursday. I’m not the biggest fan, they’re a bit too orange-y for me…and that’s saying something considering I’m Syracuse diehard.  I just don’t see why anybody thought this was a great idea…

It’s certainly been an interesting week for NBA uniforms. The Heat also debuted a uni-color uni with these all-white digs earlier:

Not sure why those are a good idea either. I usually prefer being able to see names and numbers on the back of a jersey…But I guess Miami is trying to counter their all-black jerseys

And the Thunder unveiled a new retro-style alternate jersey this week:

Well, this is definitely the winner of the new unis trio but I’m still not in love with these. Pretty damn plain…and kind of random considering they’re a franchise with basically no history…

Am I too much of a hater, do you like any of these?