Former New Orleans Saints quarterback and current radio talk-show host Bobby Hebert wore his heart on his sleeve while in the press box during Saturday night’s match-up between Alabama and LSU, and he paid for it. According to Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports:

On Saturday night, Hebert was warned repeatedly about violating working press box decorum and cheering for the Tigers. Finally, LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent informed Hebert that he had to leave the press box, and a uniformed police officer escorted him out.

Hebert chose a poor time to get booted from the box, as his Tigers scored a touchdown on the next play. Hebert getting the boot made us think of three other acceptable reasons to get kicked out of a press box.

#1 – Passing Gas – If you have to pass gas, I actually believe that a press box is the absolute perfect place to do so. You absolutely deserve to get kicked out, but if you have to go, you have to go.

#2 – Streaking – Sometimes your team just isn’t performing up to par, go ahead and change the game.

#3 – Over-serving Yourself – This is a common occurrence in the stands of a big game, but we realize being away from the masses may drive you to the bottle. The key is always, moderation.

Here is a video of Hebert cheering: