This is definitely a first from me, and I am going to assume for you as well. This behind the back touchdown pass was thrown by Brady Cronk during a recent Purdue Intramural Sports Flag Football ‘Men’s Open League.’ A few things were beyond impressive but the fact that he hit the wide receiver in stride thirty yards down the field is beyond me. I have tried to throw pass behind the back before and I’d be lucky if it went 10 yards, in any direction.

via @PUimsports

  • James

    Am I the only one that is thinking, cool trick, but what was the point of that?
    Does he throw farther like that? It seems unlikely, but its the only explaination I can think of, outside of just showing off
    It wasn’t like he fooled anyone. The receiver had beaten the defender by enough to make that catch, the qb just had to get the ball to him. And he didn’t fool the pass rushers, they kept coming.

    • canadian fan

      Pretty cool trick, yes. But the fact that it was pretty expertly filmed suggests to me that the play was preplanned. I wonder if they had to film it more than once to get it right?

      • Burr

        It was filmed from a guy on a ladder because it was for Intramural flag football at Purdue. The refs film the most competitive game of the night so that they can post it online/review it for the refs to get better.

  • Burr

    It’s not Cody Webster, it’s Brady Cronk.

    Cody Webster is just his roommate and the one who tweeted it out to sportscenter

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  • Rodney Moreland

    It’s not actually a “behind the back” pass either. It’s more of back spin pass. His back is facing the receiver when he is throwing it backward. It does look staged.
    Kinda cool looking though.