Golden Tate, WR for the Seattle Seahawks, is known for his hands usually, but on Sunday it was his massive block which made headlines. Tate absolutely leveled Sean Lee from the Dallas Cowboys on a blindside block and it was ruled a clean hit. If you take a look at the video you will see that Golden Tate lead with his helmet, which is actually illegal.

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GIF via @CJZero

  • Liz Drake

    Tate is a filthy cheat; exactly what the rules try to get rid of as he doesn’t know how to play a game; just injure. It wasn’t talent on his part; it was shooting someone in the back in a dark alley. He should be thrown out of the game as an example of what you never want to do in a game or in life. Shameful! Cowardly! Pathetic!

    • DanB.

      You are the pathetic one, Cowboy fan, it was a block RIGHT IN THE CHEST, HOW is it the receivers fault the LB wasn’t looking? Here, let me go call you the WAAAAAMBULANCE! You are simply embarrassed your team and player crushed. HA HA, TOO BAD!

      • devilrider

        I am a Seahawks fan, living in Washington State and I believe Tate should be fined and forced to sit out about six games. He is just another football thug.

        • HookEmHorns

          Easy on the penalties. You are getting a little too wound up for something that didn’t even knock someone out of a game. I think he played later in that same series…

  • Frank

    Well now that the NFL has reviewed the tape…what happens to Tate? A slap on the wrist and the ref is obviously is a great fan of the seahawks get a snickers bar for his call? I know what I’d like to do to the ref and Tate. But there are rules against that sort of thing,

    • DanB.

      Rules against a block right in the chest? Get a clue!

      • Paige

        You are an ass of the worst kind. If that move had happened to a player on your favorite team you would of been pissed off too so stop being a dick and see it for what it was a illegal hit!!!!!

  • Charlie Mankin

    About time some real ball playes start hitting like it. The game today is geared toward Bit****
    Its a Bic** game and might as well call it powder puff. Great hit, and about time the game was being played they way it was when I was a kid. A real mans sport!Q

  • DanB.

    SWEET block, right in the chest… Anyone who complains about this is a Cowboy shill who is clueless to how football is played!

  • DanB.

    Chris, he doesn’t lead with his helmet, he leads with his shoulder and his helmet hits right in the shoulder pad of the LB… can’t possibly be a dirty hit.

    • Paige

      You are an ass of the worst kind. Also if he hit Lee’s shoulder why did his helmet almost fly off genius? If that move had happened to a player on your favorite team you would of been pissed off too so stop being a dick and see it for what it was a illegal hit!!!!!

      • HookEmHorns

        Keep responding like a bi%#h to every post supporting the guy for playing football the way it has been played for generations. Just because the commissioner is turning it into the quilting club’s annual flag football game doesn’t mean you have to keep calling everyone an “ass of the worst kind.” Do you really talk like that?

        Quit whining and go watch baseball or soccer.

  • TreyK

    Ok, his helmet hits him in the upper portion of the numbers. That is still the chest, clean hit. It is a pretty bad blindside of a hit but what is he supposed to do, tap him on the shoulder and say “excuse me, I need to knock you on your ass please.”? He wasn’t injured and this wasnt really a big play so stop complaining.

  • I referee football and that is a clean hit! The NFL is becoming a league of wimps and overpaid sissies!

  • Texas Smith

    1. Im not a fan of the Cowboys at all #GOTEXANS eff the cowboys!!!
    2. Golden Tate did not hit him in his chest he hit him square in his chin and you can see where his helmet nearly came off the laws of physics is there a hit to the chest would not have turn his head the way it did
    3. it was a dirty play and if the NFL doesnt fine him for that hit they are cheats and blind as well we already know the refs are.
    4. these players in the NFL know what they are doing and will try any and everything with these replacement refs because they know they can get away with it unlike with the regular refs its up to the league to punish these players but their scared after the “Bounty Gate ” backlash

    • HookEmHorns

      Point #2 is incorrect. Go put a football helmet on and run as fast as you can into a solid object that meets you square in the chest. As you’re stopped suddenly by your chest, your head’s inertia will keep it going forward but since it’s anchored to your body your neck will act as a hinge sending your face down to meet the immobile object which stopped your body. The face mask will hit first, which will cause the helmet to skew.

      Get out there and try it, please.

  • retired33

    Nothing dirty about it, right in the chest, if he gets fined for that hit you may as well start issuing flags for everyone !!!!

  • Odessa Dawg

    What caused the contact to the lower mask and chin was when he lunged into his upper numbers his head came down as a hard blow and into it. If you slam your brakes on in the car does the momentum not make all the groceries roll to the front. That is what his head did when it came into contact with him you cant blame him for that they were both moving pretty quick. How ever celebrating when someone is getting up that slowly is not a sportsman way of the game they are all workers in the same industry people not just players. What really should be the subject is how should we behave after something like that help the player up. Play hard have pride in winning not hurting.

  • Odessa Dawg

    I got my clock cleaned like that in Junior High. I still feel it when I think about it what was funny is that the player that did it was a lot smaller than me. It actually cut my chin but he got me square in the numbers.