If you know New York–more specifically, Brooklyn–you know that basketball is more than a sport there, it’s a way of life. With their recent move back to Brooklyn, the Nets have received some help from a NYC-based design firm called ROCK3RS in order to connect the team back to its roots. The ROCK3RS team has started this self-initiated project which they are calling “the Brooklyn Nets campaign project.”

The project contains a collection of very cool and very different illustrations, posters, apparel and digital elements that are all directed at the culture of Brooklyn and its beloved team.

They describe themselves:

We felt the need to do something for our NYC crowd and design a collection of illustrations, posters, apparel and digital elements that articulate the excitement building up to the new season at Barclay’s Center.

The campaign highlights the motion and energy derived from Brooklyn and into the artwork. We feel teams build their personality and character not from within but also from their community and this campaign reflects that..