The Olympics Opening Ceremony got The Taiwanese Animation Treatment and it seems pretty spot on. The video gives a fairly robust and comprehensive of all the Olympic news that has come across the wire so far.

According to NMA:
No matter how hard director Danny Boyle tried to keep things a secret (aka starting a #SavetheSurprise campaign on Twitter) details still leaked out. With around 62,000 people involved in the ceremonies it’s nearly impossible to keep it a secret. SPOILER ALERT:

So here is what we know: There are going to be 30 Mary Poppins’ fighting a 40-foot-tall Lord Voldemort. Makes sense, right?

As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, they will also have 100 children on hospital beds doing a synchronized dance to go along with the ‘Isles of Wonder’ theme.

It is very obvious ceremony organizers are stuffing as many British references into the opening ceremonies as possible. We decided to take a crack at rounding out what will be included in the rest of the grand production. Check it out!

via Philly Barstool