It’s no surprise that Jonathan Quick and his teammates have been on a bit of a roll ever since the Kings won the Stanley Cup on Monday night…and by on a roll, I mean consistently inebriated. First it was his drunken speech at the Kings rally, where he dropped a couple of f-bombs on live television and endeared himself to the fans. Then, in another interview, he went on to discuss what a dedicated fan David Beckham has been throughout the years…and my guess is that he wasn’t entirely sober at that moment either. All throughout the playoffs, the media has been referring to Quick as shy, quiet, a man of few words, etc., but as it turns out, he just needs a little liquid courage.


And he’s not the only one who has been partying it up. The team brought Lord Stanley’s Cup to The Jimmy Kimmel Show, where they were asked who had been celebrating the most. The general consensus was Drew Doughty…which, judging by his eyes, seems to be pretty accurate.

Some of the team headed to Las Vegas last night for the NHL awards which are in FIVE days. My guess is that the partying won’t be stopping any time soon, I just hope someone is there to catch it all on video.