This story is awesome, yet hilarious. 42-year-old, Dennis Miller, did what most of us normal people will never do in our lifetime — qualify for the U.S. Open. In what is known as “Golf’s longest day,” men from all over go to the Sectional qualifying sites around the U.S. and try to make it through a 36-hole test to get a shot to play in the U.S. Open. Many have tried and many have failed. But it was Dennis Miller, a director of golf at the Mill Creek Golf Course in Youngstown, Ohio, who stole the show.

Miller shot 71-70 to get into a four man playoff for the last three spots. After he sunk 6-foot and a 15-foot putts on the previous two holes, respectively, to stay alive, Miller had one final putt to sink to make his dreams become a reality. It was a 25-footer from the edge of the green. As the putt rolled on towards the pin it looked like it had a real chance, but then it took a slight right and stopped at the edge of the cup. The crowd moaned and groaned and Miller looked away in defeat when, just as it seemed his shot at a lifelong dream came to an end, the ball fell in.

He did it. He sunk the birdie and qualified for the U.S. Open and he didn’t even see it happen. “I didn’t even see it go in,” Miller said after his round.

By the way, this was Miller’s 12th attempt at qualifying for the U.S. Open.

Check out Miller sink the biggest putt of his life and not even see it go in:


via CBS Sports