I could really end this story on the title alone, though there’s a bit more to it and they didn’t actually make it to the bar.  Police in Dubuque, Iowa pulled over a man in a truck on suspicion of driving under the influence.  What they found inside was a very drunk Jerald Reiter.  Riding shotgun was a zebra and a parrot.

When questioned by police as to why he was driving his zebra and parrot to the bar, he said that the bar has always allowed people to bring animals inside.  The bartender, when questioned, said that the bar has never allowed animals inside.  Classic he said/she said.

I’m not sure what became of the 55 year-old Mr. Reiter.  I assume he was taken away by police.  Whether or not the zebra and parrot were allowed to drive themselves home is unknown at this time.


via MSN