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The other night as I sat in my Los Angeles hotel room changing channels I turned to the Dodger game and randomly Chipper Jones was batting. As Vince Scully’s voice rang out and exclaimed that this was one of his last at bats at Dodger Stadium I sat in reflection. Within seconds, Chipper poked a bomb over the right field wall. I then sat to myself and thought, “How the hell does a guy his age do that?” Simple Chipper Jones although a step behind his younger counterparts, is mechanically amazing and has experience that no one else comes close too. An Atlanta Braves icon, Jones has held down multiple positions the last 18 seasons, earned 1 world series championship and has posted  hall of fame type numbers with over 450 home runs/2,500 hits. Best of all Chipper has done it all in the same place-Atlanta. Although, I am surely not a Braves fan I am proud to say that Chipper Jones is one of the best baseball players of our time. As Chippers time nears in the coming months there is no doubt that the Braves will be playing with a man desperate for just one more championship and one hell of a cornerstone.

Chipper Jones- Atlanta Braves Infield No.10,  Size: 6-4, 210

Career Stats through 2011:

  • Batting Average: .304   Home runs: 456    RBI:1,561   Hits: 2,615
2012 Stats
  • Batting Average: .245    Home runs: 2      RBI: 12        Hits: 12



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