Sometimes I don’t believe stories when I read them because they seem too far-fetched to ever happen, like this one here. The Chuckey-Doak High School senior Jameson Painter was on cloud nine after hitting the game clinching homer but was quickly brought back down when he walked back to his vehicle to find the game winning ball in his windshield. To make matters worse, he just had recently moved his car to to avoid his windshield being damaged.

“We were all talking before the game that it wasn’t a good place to park because he was liable to hit one there,” Coach Dustin Morrow said.

“Sure enough, he did. I’m glad he hit the home run but feel bad because now he has to buy a new windshield.”

The only thing that blows about this story, well besides the kid breaking the windshield, is that there is no video of it. At least not yet…

Greeneville Sun

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