Raffi Torres… I’m very mad at you

I usually try not to let my emotions get too out of control. I try my best to curb my homeristic tendencies, be objective, and write with an open mind. I will not be doing that tonight. (For instance, before this post was edited I used the f word 11 times and included a completely obscene picture with a unicorn and Raffi Torres face.)

I dislike You Raffi Torres!

This guy is a complete do*che bag on skates. He has a history of violent and abusive play. He has absolutely no respect for his competitors or the game of hockey. If he is not suspended tomorrow or the next day, I will completely lose faith in the NHL, its refereeing, and its so called Department of Player Safety (more on that bunch of idiots tomorrow).

I dislike You Raffi Torres!


What a dirty play on one of the classiest players in the game. Marian Hossa we are praying for you.

I dislike You Raffi Torres!


Another AWFUL hit on an opposing player. As Shanahan says this was ON the day he was fined no less. Money is no object to this a-hole, he just want to “play hard, and finish his check on a good hockey play”

I dislike You Raffi Torres!


This is disgusting. ELBOW TO THE HEAD! Disgusting! This is the play he was fined for, only to completely ignore the warning and get suspended THE VERY NEXT GAME!

I dislike You Raffi Torres!

The above was JUST during the 2011-2012 season. In the 2010-2011 season he was suspended AGAIN!


He was suspended 4 games for this hit…

I dislike You Raffi Torres!

His triumphant return to the ice happend in Game 3 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals


He wasn’t suspended and only got 2 minutes for that dirty sh*t.

I dislike You Raffi Torres!

In conclusion, well you guys get it.