Bernard Tomic was put in an unusual professional circumstance this past Saturday during the second-round of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.  Tomic’s father (John Tomic) was in the stands watching his son play and was a little overbearing, to say the least.  He continually tried to get Bernard’s attention in order to give him pointers on how to improve and was clearly an annoyance, so much so that Bernard went to the umpire (Cedric Mourier) to have him removed from the match:

Sports Illustrated explains in detail :

“He’s annoying me,” Tomic is heard telling Mourier. “I know he’s my father, but he’s annoying me. I want him to leave, but how is that possible?”

“And if you tell him to leave, what’s going to happen?” Mourier responded.

“It’s not going to happen,” Tomic said. “If you see him [coaching], tell him to be quiet.”

“He knows already,” Mourier said. “I caught him [coaching] already.”

Mourier then issued a warning to Bernard about illegal coaching and the player thanked him.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during the next Tomic’s family Thanksgiving dinner.


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