God’s Favorite Links is Cosby Sweaters’ brand new link dump feature. We’ll be posting cool stuff from all over the web, and it’ll all be compiled into a bullet-point format. Cool, eh? Let’s get rolling!

  • Not so fast, Bryce Harper. A lot of us expected you to make the Washington Nationals’ roster straight out of training camp, but you’re being sent to play Triple-A ball in Syracuse. [Rant Sports]
  • If pointing the camera continuously at Ashley Judd wasn’t an obvious giveaway that she was a Kentucky superfan, then accidentally taking Terrence Jones’ phone must be. [Rant Sports]
  • This pissed off hockey fan was so pissed off that he broke the glass with his bare hands. Nice job, bro. I hope you brought some extra cash or your checkbook with you. [Holdout Sports]
  • Remember Matt Flynn? The only game he started at quarterback last season was against the Detroit Lions… and that was a game in which he had six touchdowns in. Well, he’s not a Green Bay Packer anymore. Instead of being stuck behind Aaron Rodgers, he’ll have a chance to be a starting QB with the Seattle Seahawks. [NorthWest Sports Beat]
  • Tyler Zeller got hit in the face by a Creighton center in today’s Round of 32 game between Creighton and UNC. But to me, it looked like Zeller did what a Dukie would do – flop. What’s your call? Flop or foul? [Throw the Flag]
  • Apparently Tiger Woods tore his ACL training for the Navy SEALs… [The Victory Formation]
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