Dwyane Wade has already done something that teammate LeBron James hasn’t done – won an NBA championship. Because of LeBron’s talent and skill on the basketball court, a lot of people expect him to have at least one or two NBA rings by now. Until LeBron wins an NBA championship, he will be faced with lots of criticism from the fans and the media.

Since Wade has already won an NBA title and LeBron hasn’t, Wade says he wants the Heat to win an NBA title not for himself, but more for LeBron.

Via Palm Beach Post:

“To see him every day, and the things he does, this guy is an unbelievable talent, unbelievable ability,” Wade said. “Obviously, I know him personally. I know what he wants, I know what’s in his heart. So, yeah, I want it for him. I think I probably want it for him more than I want it for myself.”

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