Blake Griffin had some fun dunking against the Celtics on Tuesday night, to say the least.  Blake Griffin first threw down a beautiful reverse jam off the lob from Mo Williams and directly over Greg Stiemsma of the Boston Celtics.  Blake was telegraphing and calling for the dunk from the second Mo got the ball and headed down the court, which is why the dunk is that much more impressive.  When you have the jumping ability of the Clippers All-Star forward, you can pretty do as you please, I guess.


Blake’s second monster dunk of the night came after he has missed a three point attempt and decided to make amends by throwing down a beast of a left handed dunk in the lane.


H/T The Big Lead and @Blazersedge

  • blakeisoverrated

    but then dunks doesn’t necessarily win games.

  • nunya

    blakeisoverrated must be a Laker or a Celtic fan.

    But he’s right. Dunks doesn’t win games. But Blake’s dunks does make the games more funner to watch. You have to admit that right now, the Clippers are the bestest team in LA.

    • grammar

      more fun or funner

      • nunya

        I am making fun of the 1st comment — moron.

    • nunya……i see you’re not a fan of the English Language. “Funner” & “Bestest”? Wow………

      • nunya

        Another one — Read the 1st comment. You people aren’t the sharpest toon in the shed.

        • yikes

          “toon”? you mean “tool”?

      • Tom

        ohwow..go back to sucking your mother’s cock you spelling queer.

  • Kris

    Dunking clinic? 3 Dunks? How about he put on a defense clinic, or at least go to one.