In the second quarter of the Washington Wizards’ upset of the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night, Nick Young may have attempted one of the worst layups in the NBA. Down by seven at the time, Wizards rookie Shelvin Mack started a fast break by finding Nick Young with the outlet pass.  It looked like an easy two points for Nick Young but he inexplicably threw the ball over the backboard.   Watch the video to see if for yourself, it is definitely a head scratcher.


via HUFF

  • Ryan

    OMG! He missed the layup but happened to score the most points on the Wizards team after coming off the bench. Why don’t you make a video of all the easy layups John Wall has missed this year? Nick Young has showed talent for the past few years despite playing on a team of players who play every game except basketball.

  • RS

    Ref.. FOUL… and 1….????

  • Ryan

    I’m not trying to hate anymore than this article but Chris Partlow should also go back to the basics starting with deciphering a layup attempt to a dunk attempt. You brainwashed me for a minute.