Over the years Manny Ramirez made headlines on and off the field as his unique personality and ability to hit the long ball, brought frenzy to fans in Boston and Los Angeles. Today, Ramirez stands at a cross roads after an impressive and historical 19 year career that includes 555 home runs and 2 world series championships. This upcoming season Ramirez will have to sit out 50 games before taking at bats with the Oakland A’s, serving a suspension for performance enhancing drugs. Although Ramirez has had an outstanding career his past has been checkered by not only by drugs but a temper and lazy attitude. It will be interesting to watch Manny once his suspension is up. As he struggled in Tampa Bay going (1-17), Oakland may be Manny’s last shot to establish himself into a big league lineup.

Look at the picture up top now look at the bottom…any conclusions?


Ramirez has become a poster boy for the MLB’s effort to enforce drug policies. Will a shady history overshadow his accomplishments once its all said and done?

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