McDonald’s lineup of burgers in Japan is inspiring. Thug Motivation 101.  I have no idea whether they’re celebrating American culture or straight mocking us, but they’re going hard. I want in. If I have to fly to Japan to get on this train, I will.

Here’s what we’re missing (from

Grand Canyon Burger – consists of two stories of artery busting deliciousness. A foundation of meat patty, mozzarella cheese and steak sauce, topped with a cooked egg and cheddar cheese.

Las Vegas Burger – might have been created in honor of “hangover food.” This Rack City tribute consists of beef on beef. Sliced beef on top of a beef patty, with a layer of cream cheese.

Broadway Burger – is a show I’d pay for as it is stuffed with pastrami bacon and cream cheese. In Calif. people argue that In-N-Out would take over the food game by introducing bacon to its menu; What would happen if McDonald’s introduced pastrami bacon burgers in the U.S.?

Beverly Hills Burger – completes the foursome. In essence, it is a Caesar salad and cooked egg burying a beef patty.