Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of the groundhogs, declared this morning that winter is far from over.  According to the world’s most famous weatherman, we have six more weeks of winter to look forward to.

A handler held him aloft and declared: “After casting an appreciative glance to the thousands of faithful followers in attendance, Phil proclaimed, ‘As I look at the crowd on Gobbler’s Knob, many shadows do I see. Six more weeks of winter it must be.'”

I’m not one to say that Phil doesn’t know what he’s doing, despite the fact that it was 64 degrees at JFK in New York City this morning.  Brr!

There are, however, people who claim that Phil has had a nice run but that it might be time to eat him.  Okay, they don’t say exactly that, but did you know that there are other groundhogs that compete for the title?

Dunkirk Dave is one of those groundhogs competing with the fat resident of Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania.  Unlike Phil, who is removed from his hollow by his inner circle of handlers, Dunkirk Dave emerges naturally.  He did so this morning and did NOT see his shadow, claiming that we are done with winter.

Until Dave gets a little more sway I have to stick with Phil.  Then again, what do I care?  I live in Southern California.  Winter can suck it.

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! Enjoy some Bill Murray!