You knew from the matchup, The Oklahoma City Thunder playing against The Los Angeles Clippers, that there would be numerous highlights on both sides of the ball.  Blake Griffin was kind enough to provide what is easily a top three dunk of the year so far directly over Kendrick Perkins.  Perkins did not stand a chance, but you have to admire him sacrificing his dignity like that.


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And Alternate Angles:

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  • Bonny J

    He is not human.

    • JFL Sr.

      What is he then? He is not the first and will not be the last!

    • Robert Williams

      If not human, obviously extremely talented.

    • craig

      Big fricking deal – its a dunk and the guy wasn’t really even challenging him. Hey Clippers or whatever team that is, try to win 40 games this year – that would really be something. To the player idiots like James are calling out,. let it roll off your back – it was no big deal.

      To the children ranting and raving – get a life.

    • Simon Sazs

      Gerald Greens alley oop is as good as-it-gets, and that is the SLAM Dunk of the year
      New Jersey Nets

  • That play was clearly an offensive foul by Griffin.

    • David

      Foul? Its the NBA they don’t call fouls, please. You are confusing this with basketball.

      • Rick

        agreed. I have such a difficult time watching. I am constantly saying, “wait.. wasn’t that a (insert foul here) ??” – or when the offensive guy just plows into the defender and the defender gets called. it makes 0 sense to me.

        • King

          The DEFENDER was inside the painted lines directly under the hoop. You will never be called for offensive foul here. He has to be outside the quarter circle white lines and completely set and not jumping on the ball handler. I like Labrons dunk better. This dunk was good from where he dunked it but it seems like he more of threw it in than actually dunked. :/

    • adonis

      for all those posting that there was an offensive foul on the play…you’re idiots…one and done!

      • you talk basketball like a girl

    • Hateraid

      You must be a chick.

    • nate

      woody you are clearly a dumbass it would have MAYBE been an offensive foul if perkins wouldnt have left his feet.learn the rules of the game before you criticize the calls

    • dave

      foul? anyone else notice the defender was is the air when they made contact?

    • Seadrick

      I agree. It was clearly an offensive foul on Griffin. The Same as last year when he dunked on Mozkoff. He grabs the defensive player and uses him as leverage.

    • Gu

      Foul by Blake? Are you serious? or are just just another Blake hater?

    • CaliSooner

      You are clearly a faggot. Perkins’ jumped after Griffin. Explain the foul.

    • abe

      offensive foul and it’s not a dunk, more like throw the ball in the hoop.

  • Joe Denicola

    Review the clip all and especially the REFS!!!!! The push of by Blake was real and it should have been a foul but, again the NBA has weak REFS who are afraid to call these kind of fouls and as for the “DUNK” you got to be kidding us all it was really poor. I will take “SPIKE WEBB” dunks over Blake anytime. That dunk was a joke.

    • Guest

      Dude! Who is SPIKE WEBB????

      • JFL Sr

        OK. It is Spud Webb!

    • D-man


    • yo mamma

      spud webb u dumb mothatrucker

  • Lawn Ru

    I’ve seen better. Most def should not be a dunk of the year… Barely got his hands on the rim. I give it a 6.5-7 out of 10.

  • zach

    that was not a dunk he threw it in please nba overated now

    • D-Man

      Another hater…you go try doing it….c-mon son!

  • coldbreeze

    that dunk was just ok

  • Fox

    LOL… nah Blake didn’t foul. Ya got to remember he was well into the shot skying before the def was in position. Blakes arm was no more than a extension of the shot…he didn’t blantently push him out the way.,serious ballers know that… there will always be some touchy-feely stuff going on…but it was a cool ass power slam jam.

    I just can’t believe the Clippers have risen to this level, I’m starting to forget about the Lakers

    I do agree refs do get it wrong, but even for them it’s the human factor. Unless they start using cpu’s there will always be a margin for errors. Champions get the job done even when the refs trip. It’s become part of the game

    But I also agree with Lawn_Ru I’ve seen better, heck the last game with the Bulls & the Magic when King James caught a pass in the air & slammed while skying way over the def…that was insane.

    And when Dwayne looked like he was going for a reverse lay-up and instead skyed and did a reverse slam instead… love the NBA Go Super-Bowl Giants I’m betting a full tank of gas (-:

    • JFL SR

      You have bad eyes. It was clearly an offensive foul and it was not really a dunk! and certainly not a power dunk. His finger-tips barely touched the rim!!

      By the way, I love Blake’s Game, but 3.7 will never be 4.0 (i.e. a near dunk is not a dunk)

    • Nick Cataldi

      Fox is correct,He was in the air when Perkins challenged him & once he leaves the floor there has to be a place for him to land. Perkins moved into that spot. I don’t however like the remark about Kendrick Perkins ‘sacrificing his dignity’. He did what he was supposed to do; .Play defense. Getting burned happens all night,it’s part of the game.

    • JUSPER

      Had Perkins planted his feet and stayed still and not tried blocking it, it would have been charging. Griffen did have some heighth to his jump I give him that, but it wasn’t spectacular by any means. I agree with FOX that James’ dunk last week was way better.

      • When a man jumps to a height where his head is above the rim while another 6 foot 9 man is trying to stop his shot and eventhough he is four feet away from the rim,is still able to throw the balll down through the basket (Emphasis on Down) I would classify that as spectacular.

        Also for those saying not a dunk here is the definition for a dunk:
        A slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim

        Though he barely touched the rim he was clearly over the rim.

  • AJ.84

    Let me tell you something! Blake is one the most crying babies there are in NBA right now ( and there are a lot) That was an Off foul, not a great dunk either! And refs are affraid of calling any foul to him… If you see the way he plays he’s dirty sometimes and pushes with his hands a lot and a lot of those fouls are not called! What a waste of time!

  • educatedRon

    What made this dunk or shot so amazing is that Perkins was trying to hard foul him.

    Since Blakes hand touched the rim and the ball went in, it is a dunk. Those complaining are complaing based on how the ball went in. He through it in. But the awesomeness of it is that he wasn’t denied. Blake really the only player who is a Posterizer. What this is, is a person who people are afraid to even attempt to block their dunks because it will be played a million times right afterwards. This will mean more dunks and clean looks. But eventually someone is going to hard foul him really bad. But again what makes this the dunk of the year is because he wasn’t denied.

    • JFL SR

      By default you have admitted that it was an offensive foul. If Perkins was trying so hard to foul him what stopped him. Physics says that an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force. Was that force Blake holding him down with his off hand and arm? Yes it was. By the way, my take is that Perkins was on his way to attempt to block Blake’s shot, but he never got up to contend it because that opposite force (Blake holding and pushing him back down) prevented him from leaving the ground.

      Love Blake’s game but I call it like it see it not like I want it to be!!

  • Bomp

    Wow… I’m amazed at the idiots that reply about this, more than I’m amazed by the dunk.
    Really, an offensive foul, have you ever played basketball with anyone other than little kids or fat old dudes? This is absolutely NOT an offensive foul.
    It’s also not the greatest dunk, BUT, because of his superior athletic ability he is able to withstand the hard foul, and because he jumped so high, he was able to complete the bucket in a spectacular way.
    You people that never have anything nice to say should crawl back down under your rock, and loose your bad attitudes. Peace!

    • Well said

    • BAR

      it wasn’t even close to an offensive foul…perkins did not have a position established and had his arms up pushing on Blake. as far as the dunk, it is much harder to throw a ball into the basket and not touch it. if you don’t think so, go find a rim, lower it to about 7 feet (if you can jump that high) and try it both ways.

    • Iseethruit

      One word “POSTERIZED” with a foul ….Perkins handle that .

  • paul

    that was bad ass dont see no foul on blake

  • The Truth

    Blake is way overrated. Seems to be more concerned with dunks than playing solid D. And the so called “dunk” wasn’t a dunk, it was a throw with an offensive foul.

  • Jim

    It was not an offensive foul. However, it wasn’t as good as advertised because it was over Perkins. Talk about a cry baby. He doesn’t know how to jump, so he never had a chance. What a waste of a big man.

  • JFL Sr

    Most people saw it for what it was and that was and offensive foul. By the way, I don’t classify that as a dunk. It was a throw in, lay up, finger roll, or whatever, but not a dunk. Just like the one last year was not a dunk. It was even more of a throw in, lay up, ..

    Love Blake Griffin and his game but clearly some of this shit is over hyped. Clearly that was an agreegis, not doubt about it, plain as day, how could you miss it, true definition of an offensive foul!!!

  • JFL SR

    After while a three point shot will be classified as a dunk. All one will have to do is shoot it from 3 point country and then run and jump and touch the rimm and you guys will says that’s an awesome dunk! LOL.

  • Kel

    When I heard about the “dunk” I was really expecting to see something spectacular. If anything power dunk nothing so “amazing”.

  • km

    sorry, that’s not a dunk. not that I care — haven’t watched nba for 10-15 years since I prefer to watch basketball not whatever david stern is peddling.

    c’moooooooon march madness!!!

  • James- Hmm 263


  • That shot was a foul.La Queen Jane does it all the time but the refs are afraid to call it.I think the commish has instructed them to lay off certain players.La Queen Jane drops his shoulder and pushes off with his left arm 95% of the time.This wannabe Griffin has picked up the same habits and that is why he will never be a complete player like the KING,KING KOBE.Griffin only knows the slam-dunk,nothing else.Even the girls in college can slam-dunk.

  • big math man

    FOUL….YOU KIDDING????????????? Enjoy greatness when you see it. Best dunk ever (until the next blake jam)

  • gal1950

    These players today seem to only know one thing, DUNK !!!! I wish they would do away with the dunk, and make these guys shoot the ball, then we would see how good they really are !!!!! Although the dunk is fun to watch, it has taken away from the game of basketball. I enjoy seeing centers like Ewing, Russell, and others actually shoot the ball. The game now seems to be a dunk fest, I’m not sure ig Griffin can even shoot a job shot, or lay up for that fact !!!!!!

  • John L

    Whoop-de-freaking-doo! A power dunk in the NBA by a young man who’s 6’11” tall. Wow! we’ve not seen that 50million times before. This is why the NBA sucks and will continue to suck forever since the MJ days ended! It’s all about “Wooooooooo! Look at meeeeeeeeee! Bunch of selfcongratulatory bullcrap and shame on the media for enabling these spoiled overpaid attention whores! We all know 90% of them would be criminals if they weren’t lucky enough to be tall and semi athletic! And for all the STUPID ‘Ohh ing and Awwww Ing over this it’s still only TWO points!!! Cannot wait for the Clippers to fail again. They were and always be the worst and most embarrassing franchise in the NBA! Bonus idiot points for the “I’m a toughguy scowl” by Fake Griffin after the dunk and being “held back” by his “homie” As if he ‘s too tough and dangerous… LMAO!! He’s a sissy compared to Kevin McHale, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, Moses Malone, in their days. I could list 50 more guys in the past at PF-C that were and probably still ARE truly “tough” The reason Fake’s CAN DUNK like that (other than the obvious height athletic advantage he is blessed with) IS the NBA has criminalized “hard” fouls so much. Don’t think it’s true? Google.. MCHALE CLOTHESLINES RAMBIS in the Finals” ALl you got then was two freethrows.. no suspensions no 2 shots and the ball.. etc…..

  • Ed

    Maybe you guys dont play basketball. When KP extended that right forearm to his chest, that was a foul. When KP is standing in the charge circle and comes forward, that is a blocking foul. The extention of Griffins arm is inconsequential. I hate it when people talk basketball but have no real knowledge of the rules. FYI, he did touch the rim, so it is a dunk. What other crazy ideas can you guys think of. Bahahahahahahahaha, you guys crack me up.

  • CM

    Alot of the critics on this thread sound like a bunch of tired old men that remember the good old days when they played with a leather ball, a peach basket and canvas shoes. The foul is irrelevant. Just concentrate on the superior display of athleticism and drive. Despite the fact that the guy is 6’11” I work with a guy that is seven feet that can barely touch a basketball rim so don’t give me that crap about dunking doesn’t show how good your are. Anyone that can rise high enough over a 10 foot target to THROW a basketball down into it with one hand doesn’t need a good jumper, he will not be denied if you give him the ball in the paint. You old farts need to stop hating and realize that basketball like all sports has evolved. The way they play now is not like the way they played in the 80’s or 90’s or even the 2000’s for that matter. If you don’t like the sport don’t watch it, but spare the armchair opinion as anyone that actually is an athlete will dismiss your drivel as just the ramblings of a tired old curmudgin or just some hater that hates just because they hate everything.

  • CM

    I understand there are alot of older white guys that don’t like to see all of these rough looking black kids with tattoos making millions of dollars. They give a million reasons why they don’t like basketball anymore (For the most part I think the game just moved past them) This is America if you don’t like something vote with your wallet. That attitude exists in our workplaces and our civil institutions, its ubiquitous. If you’re so easily intimidated or put off by large agressive men with inflated egos, maybe real sports isn’t for you. Take up Texas Hold Em Poker (its on ESPN so I guess it’s a sport too). Funny though the same people that demonize the image portrayed by some of these players as crude and self congratulatory seem to have no problem with the NHL allowing play to come to a halt so that two white guys with alot of dental work could take off their pads and try and coat jack each other to the applause of team mates and fans alike ( A coat jack for those that don’t know is when you use the other guy’s coat/hood to pull his head down into an upper cut). Hey I like seeing Hockey fights but I’m just saying if you have a problem with attitudes in sports that seems like the most likely place to start instead of whining about a sport that you are completely removed from.

  • Baller

    I second Ed’s comments. If the defender does NOT go straight up, i.e. “the principle of verticality” and even more, hits the offensive player with his arm, like Perkins does here that = Defensive foul. Yes, after the Defensive foul, Blake clears out with his left arm which possibly by itself could be an offensive foul ( if they called offensive fouls like that much) but IMHO that is a reaction to the Defensive foul by Perkins to protect himself and not an offensive foul. Watch it again. This is like in football, it’s not a false start on the offensive if they move after encroachment or offsides by the defense.

  • Darlene

    Don’t see what the big deal is…he’s a giant and can jump real high – he should be able to do this. But not a slam dunk to me…

  • PGKev

    Not a foul, Perkins was not close to being set. That being said, great dunk but not the dunk of the year.

  • fitzboy

    if thiz iz a dunk, i can dunk better than jordan,dr. j,shawn kemp,d.dawkins,d.brown,jason richardson,harold minerkobe bryant,karl malone,d. wilkins,john starks dunk over jordan,pippen,cartwrightand ho grant, BTW i,m only 5′ 9′ whom ever call thiz a dunk iz full of bull dookie doo

    • Erik

      YOUR AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Erik

    you all are a bunch of idiots that call people names and cuss. Just shows that your vocabulary is very limited. Try not so hard to show your ignorance.

  • First of all by definition this WAS a dunk…a dunk is a DOWNWARD thrust of the ball into the basket…meaning your hand only needs to be above the rim as you forcefully throw the ball into the basket, versus say a Dr J finger roll, where he hand is ocassionally above the basket but he doesn’t “thrust” the ball into the basket…there is no mention of the fingers or hands having to touch or hang on to the rim…

  • roy

    wow I’m a fan of sports and I thought I would come on here to read some comments as to how awsome players have come over the years. But to my disappointment with what I have read so far I won’t be checking back for this type of negativity or how smart I am bs. thanks for my time.

  • one of the top 10 remember the old school guys dominique, david thompson,doc jay.jordon,rain man,dawkins,now we got king james. and the griffin. don’t hate..

  • I love to watch Blake Griffin and the LAC play, but after watching the dunk in slow motion, it clearly shows that he made the dunk with his fingers, not as if he threw it down with the palm of his hand. Here we go again doing the same thing as when Lebron came on the scene. While Blake is a very dominant player, as is Lebron, let’s wait until they have achieved the milestones as Michael, Kobe, Worthy, Shaq or Magic, just to name a few. Will he rise to the status as one of the greatest in the NBA? Only time can show that. As for Lebron, he sees competition in Blake Griffin, which is why he chose to appear to be a fan of Blakes, rather than a critic. How long will it take Blake Griffin to achieve Lebron’s level of fame?……….. He’s amost there.

  • Gio

    How is this a dunk???

  • gman

    Blake Griffin is a cry baby will never compare with the best M.J or the man Dr. j julious Erving those were real dunks…. not no Blake Griffin.

  • Paul

    Perkins was also in the circle under the net. It can ONLY be a defensive foul with where he was. It doesn’t even matter if Perkins got set and stayed on the ground. It would still be either a defensive foul or no call.

  • MisterX101

    That wasn’t a dunk! That was throwing the basketball into the rim over Perkins! Finger tips barely grazed the rim… KJ over the “Dream” was real dunk on someone! Blake’s dunk does not even compare!

  • seriouzzzzz

    nice play..was a foul and push off but its the NBA….i’ll give you spudd webb dunks being better….griffin throws the ball in the hoop i slowed it down and don’t even see his hand touching the rim…..kendrick didnt try to defend anyway he was sliding to the side playing typical NBA defense…..this league is a joke….i’d rather watch AAU tournaments

  • trent

    Foul? some of you are blind, rewatch it,he did not push off of the defender, his left arm came down clearly after he was airborn and after he made contact while airborne. He didnt use him to gain height, he was already at the peak of his jump when contact was made. His left arm coming down was an attempt to keep the defender from blocking the shot.

  • mike

    A slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands.
    Agree or Wat?

  • loser

    Perkins jumped up which means it wasn’t a foul, suck it haters!

  • NBA2424

    You guys have no clue what you are talking about! Clearly an amazing and one dunk by Blake Griffin!

  • AC

    It defies logic to proclaim that was not a dunk. I think those who are criticizing have never dunked before in their lives, reality or fantasy. For those of us who have, I can tell you what Blake Griffin did was incredibly difficult. He continued to elevate despite being pushed away/down by Kendrick Perkins. If you’ve ever dunked on anyone, you know exactly how hard that is and he did so without making it look difficult. Blake is a big man with the springs of a guy much shorter. And if you’ve ever watched him play, he hustles on offense AND defense, has worked on his game and shown marked improvement from day one and his teammates love him so he obviously plays without ego. Yet the vertically challenged carp as if they are experts. Some years ago, if you were posterized, you didn’t bring any additional attention to yourself. This was textbook POSTERIZATION and Blake will lineup more victims before he’s done.

  • yeah

    not impressed. at all. sloppy. no style.

  • ab

    Blake Griffin is a beast! Don’t hate, congratulate. Especially if you can’t do better yourself and if you can, shut up and do it.

  • chris morgan

    Ok….tight dunk, no doubt. But why is Lebron talking trash???….He got posterized by a college kid correct??? Did not the number two greates dunker have to confiscate the film??? Hell it happens to everyone! Jordan got his ankles broke by Allen Iverson…..I still think MJ is the better player though!…..

  • john

    Nice dunk, but yes clearly an offensive foul

  • alexx

    this is not a dunk, i dont see what the big deal about it is