Dustin Penner recently injured himself by eating pancakes and the fans in Vancouver were not about to let him forget it.  Some clever fans brought some maple syrup and strategically placed it behind Penner.  Well played, well played.

Pic via Kylelev

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  • ed cushing

    Burrows breakfast is unaware.

  • ThePowerWire

    Haha I love when fans do creative things like this. I bet even Penner had a good laugh. Linked at my site http://www.thepowerwire.com

  • KingsLV

    Penner scored and the Kings won, who laughing now canuckleheads!! Bring on the syrup!!!

  • Wil

    Wow those Nucks fans are GENIUSES arent they? I mean WHERE do they come up with this stuff? Like the Green Men!!!



    They stole that from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    And the pancake bottle, well, a fifth grader could have put that 2 and 2 together.

    Now if they could just come up with something to help them quit losing in the SCF.

    But we all know THAT aint gonna happen

  • Brandon

    1. The Green Men…clever and humorous. Sure, they borrowed it from the show Always Sunny, but they had the audacity and personalities to carry it out in real life. No scripts (spandex to a hockey game?)… And what about the Anaheim Ducks? (or as they used to be called the Anaheim Mighty Ducks taken straight from a movie. The logo and name – not even adapted or changed for years).

    2. A pancake bottle to poke at Penner is, I agree, simple. But that’s why it’s good.It’s a hockey game, if you want complex jokes watch Dave Chappelle or something. No one says anything when a Toronto fan or someone does an acrostic TSN poem that reads: “Toronto”, “Stanley Cup” “Now” or some s#it like that.