Scott Fletcher of the Everblades had one of the biggest hits in any hockey league that we have seen this year on Mike Embach of the Chicago Express.  The hit was huge, clean, and sent Embach’s helmet and dignity flying through the air.

Fletcher told Naples News

“I saw my defense partner and I’ve always told him, ‘I’ve always thrown big hits in the neutral zone so if you see him coming across fill the void in the back end.'” I saw two guys and he was cutting across and it’s almost like his partner kinda blindsided him a little bit and I just came out of nowhere and caught him. It was a good clean hit. I don’t ever want to hurt anyone, I always want to play the game hard and play it the right way. I hope he’s OK and there’s no concussion or anything like that because I’m not that type of player, I’m not a dirty guy so I just hope he bounces back.”

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via Puck Daddy

H/T The Big Lead

  • Babe Ruth

    Big Hit.

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  • PatrickLA

    The hit on Anze Kopitar by the Dallas Stars the other night that sent Kopitar spinning head first into the boards was pretty freaky.

  • Colin

    Ya too bad that WASN’T clean. I am a hockey referee and that is without a doubt a charging infraction….He left his feet on the hit which is an automatic charge.

    • James

      Colin, if you’re really a ref, then you truly are blind. I watched that in slo-mo at least 6 times, and his skates never left the ice until the impact occured. He back into the guy with a solid but CLEAN hit….

      Maybe you should think about retirement…..or at least glasses…..

  • Mark Alexander

    Big hit, all legal. No stick, no elbow, no shot to the head. Just like th eold days — well timed hip check, except this one came out of nowhere! Hard, clean and everyone walks away.

  • John Albert

    Good clean hit, Colin needs glasses. WHAT A HIT!!!!!!