Stanford’s senior RB, Jeremy Stewart was very adamant about teammate Ty Montgomery not taking the Oklahoma State kickoff return out of the end zone.  In fact, he was so serious about it that he took matters into his own hands and turned into a defender.  Stewart took Montgomery down with a tackle at the goal line, thus stopping any chance of a return past the 20-yard line.  I’m not sure how this will go over in the locker room, but Stewart should be moved to covering kickoffs in the future.

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H/T Kolleen

  • smartman

    nigga please this niqqa wudnt haf maid it to da ten

  • showtime will be champ

    very smart football but very close to bein a horrific mistake.

  • Gwyneth

    Can someone explain the football strategy behind this play? It is a kickoff return. Why prevent the teammate from leaving the end zone? I haven’t been watching football long enough to understand this but I’m trying to understand football before I leave college. I just want to be able to know how the game is played. My explanation right now is that the player with the football would have been tackled too close to his own end zone and the other team would have had an opportunity to score easily. Why did the player with the football try to run out? I just need someone to explain this to me clearly.

    • Austin

      On kickoff returns, usually there are two people back there. One catches the ball and returns it, and the other makes the decision on whether or not he returns it. If he stops in the end zone, or lets the ball fly out of the back, Stanford would get the ball at the 20. If he ran it out, he would get it at wherever he was tackled. On this play, there seems to be some lack of communication, so he tackled him so he wouldn’t be able to be tackled short of the 20, as they would be further away from scoring.