Panthers forward Krys Barch is in some hot water after being ejected after reportedly directing a racial slur at a Montreal player Saturday night.  Barch was given a game misconduct following an altercation near the end of the first period. The Miami Herald, claims from an unidentified league official that linesman Darren Gibbs heard Barch use the slur against P.K. Subban.

First, enforcer Krys Barch — brought to Florida in a trade with Dallas last month — was ejected after linesman Darren Gibbs overheard him use a racial slur during a scrum near the Florida net, according to a league official. Barch’s slur was aimed toward Montreal’s PK Subban, who is black.

“No comment,’’ general manager Dale Tallon said as he was heading downstairs during the second intermission. “I don’t know what happened yet.’’

According to rule 23.7 of the league’s official guide, a player can be ejected for various reasons, including spitting on an opponent or spectator and “racial taunts and slurs.’’

Barch did not address the issue following the game, but Subban did:

“Personally, I didn’t hear anything. I don’t even know what happened, really.”  “A couple of guys on the ice told me that something was said. I don’t know what was said. I didn’t hear it. As far as I’m concerned it’s really out of my hands, so I don’t really know too much about it.”

These situations are a lose/lose for everyone involved.  It becomes a matter of “he said this” and one word against another, yet the insinuation alone is not good for the league or anyone involved.  The NHL said they will investigate the incident.


  • this is BS , call ourselves the same, its a term of endearment ,live with it

    • spg

      Obviously you are not of this world. Grow up!

  • Tom

    .Put a mike on the NBA or NFL and you will find much more offensive talk. Yes it is wrong but you would have to stop sports if you fined everyone!!!!!!!!!

  • markjhannahel

    If you have ever been on the cutting edge of a racial slur you know that it most certainly is NOT a, “term of endearment.”

    It is never permissible to break the rules. The referee called an infraction of the rules.

    And by the way, good conduct is a matter of choice.

  • Clifford

    “These situations are a lose/lose for everyone involved. It becomes a matter of “he said this” and one word against another, yet the INSINUATION alone is not good for the league or anyone involved”


    Sorry, but if a game official actually HEARS one player slurring another player then it’s no longer an insinuation–it;s firm grounds for an ejection according to existing rules. But if the game official really DIDN’T hear one player slur another player, but merely THOUGHT he heard a slur before ejecting him, THEN it’s an insinuation and also a legitimate pretext for an appeal…


    Santa Monica