Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien and Tom Brady went after each other on the sidelines and “nearly” came to blows.  Brian Hoyer stood in front of Brady to fend off O’Brien.  Receivers coach Chad O’Shea and Belichick eventually restrained O’Brien.  Just a few minutes later both Brady and O’Brien were seen reviewing plays together.  There was no way the two would have actually fought, but you have to respect Bill O’Brien for not backing down to Brady.

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  • Isn’t that high top on Tiquon Underwood a much bigger story?

    • J


    • paul

      First of all the line on the game went from 9 down to 7 or 7 and a half , was the game rigged the won by 7

      • the nfi means national fixed leauge 4 sure

      • wrecker66

        what’s the difference if you were givin 9 or 7.5 you still lost the point spread so how was it rigged ??? if it went to 6.5 then i could see your point, and yes ALL sports are RIGGED without a doubt its just amazing how the bet ters are ALWAYS on the short end of the move !!

    • urallidiots

      I thought that was Ralph Tresvant from New Edition…

  • irishblood

    O Brian is a fool. Brady should have clocked him.

    • 206funner

      ur the fool u claim ur irish yet u cant even spell a super irish name like o’brien right?! ha. dumb meathead.

    • buzzardbill

      That’s O’Brien amigo. Tom Brady was wrong. The end.

  • Kado

    Brady is the man. I dont care what anybody says.

    • johnDoe

      I SAY

    • hart

      The man at what? He’s just a big baby

      • Wrecker66

        Not just a big baby the BIGGEST BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No matter what Tom Brady has won his battle. He is a very good QB, but he is not perfect on the football field. O’Brian is a fool, idiot acted in front of the camera showing his foolish emotion.

    • David D

      Emotions run high in the heat of battle. I am more impressed with the player who was dividing them apart to give them time to calm down. Brady will go down in history as one of the greatest and at the end of the day he is still human with the same frustrating moments as the rest of us.

    • The coach should be fined…

      • hart

        be fined for what – he is the coach

        • Mike


    • Shanna

      Really?? Brady is a big baby and the ONLY person to blame here is TOM BRADY!!!! He’s the one that threw the interception NOT O’Brien, he needs to get over himself!! Not the first time he’s thrown a temper tantrum on the sidelines. He is a great quarterback but he needs to have a major attitude ajustment!!!

  • johnDoe

    Brady’s an over rated whiny little bitch !!!! I don’t know what it is about him that everyone finds so awesome ?!?!? Montana used to get his a$$ beat up all over the field and still come back to kick-a$$ !!! Why can’t Tom Lady win a Super Bowl by more than 3 points !!!!! The Greatest ever ?!?!?!?

    • Genuine

      Surely you CAN’T be serious.

    • zolack

      johndoe…grown up little man
      maybe if you know anything about football then comment

    • Bill

      Your down right stupid

    • buzzardbill

      If the best you can come up with is Brady doesn’t come up to Montana’s standards as grounds to demean him shame on you. And does the margin of victory in the Super Bowl mae it any less significant?

      • No, but the fact that you cheated by spying on other teams does

    • Mike

      What a moron! Do you know anything about football?

  • johnDoe

    Awaiting comments BITCHES !!! And YES, I WOULD say all this right in front of your little faggot faces BITCH!!!!!

    • zolak

      watch who you call bitches…….what are you 12

  • johnDoe

    “O Brian is a fool. Brady should have clocked him.”

    You should go suck his dick !!! Make sure he’s tucked in at night sweety.

  • johnDoe

    Look at the little bitches FACE. He looks like a FEMALE on the “rag !!!!”

    • wrecker66

      Sounds like your the little BITCH John Douche, Computer tough guy, huh ?? Brady is probably the biggest BITCH in the NFL but somehow i’m sure he’ll beat your ASS down !!!!

  • jb

    has underwood and obrien been released yet??????

  • humbertos

    the coach is a jealous asshole over brady

  • Sleepy

    Yeah, this guys an idiot! First, interception in four games. God knows how many in the “Red” area throughout the years. A future Hall of Famer. Tom Brady’s the Man! He’s probably JEALOUS!

  • cwillis

    O’Brian was telling Brady what he did wrong, Brady as usual denied he was wrong in any way shape form or fashion and chewed the coaches butt for even suggesting it. Typical arrogant Brady. Great QB, lousy, team member. Thinks he IS the game.

    • yourabafoon

      Dude your an idiot if you read his lips he is arguing to the dip shit coach that Brady already said what numb nuts O’Brien said after he said it. He knows he did wrong and everyone makes mistakes. Every Brady hater here is because your just jealous. He has and always has been a team player if only the rest of the NFL teams did the same. All you Brady haters obviously have several loose screws!!!!! LOL.

    • Mike

      Brady knew he effed up. There were a lot of tensions at that point of the game! He’s one of the best of all time! The quarterback can’t win the games by himself, he needs a good team around him to do it! Just look at Aaron Rodgers! He has a great supporting cast!

  • LiamTheDream

    O’Brien was right, Brady made a very stupid play. A field goal would have put the result beyond doubt leaving Washington needing two scores to win it. The clock would have run out on them.

    • yourabafoon

      And Brady knows this. That’s why Tom got mad at him because its not like he just started playing football. The dumb ass coach should keep his mouth shut not like Tom makes many mistakes? We are all human. He thought he could squeeze it in and the defender did a great job. End of story!!!!!!!

  • Jim Kansier

    These guys are not friggin robots. Forget a bunch younger men playing an emotional and ruthless game. Even my best of friends end up losing it and at the end of the day; friends again. You don’t and carry it around, it goes in the trash not in your gymbag. It is imperitive especially in this sport to loose the baggage and continue to play at 100%.

  • Black Knight

    Tom Brady is a spoiled brat. He may be good, but he does make mistakes. As for the offensive coordinator, he is an idiot. That display did nothing to dispell my feelsing towards the Patiots. I don’t respect any team that has to cheat to win and until they get rid of Belichck I would not trust any game he coaches. We ought to know, we got his offensive coordinator McDaniels as our head coach and he did the very same thing to the Broncos. Difference was, we fire him. We may not be able to beat them, but that is alright. We have a team that plays together, and sticks together. Sometimes success has a tendency to bring out the worst, like the Pats.

    • superman

      huh. Broncos sucked since Elway left. stop reaching out to blame one coach for your team’s lousy performance. Now Patriots are to blame for past 13 years of failure? Its your moms fault that you are 35 and still living in her attic… Get real, my friend. By the way, every team has video taped opponents! Did you notice that when that happened not much was said publicly by any other team? “no comment” was the response by the team they taped! I will be Tebowing for your soul.

      • urallidiots

        It’s Ironic to hear a Denver fan stand on his soapbox and knock the patriots for cheating when the Bronco’s were fine 950k for cheating from 96 to 98..

  • Tom Brady knows better than anyone that he threw a “bad” interception. The coordinator was totally out of line to make such a scene of the situation on the sideline. You have something to say do it out of range of the cameras and everyone else. Be discreet. He’s an ass.

  • I know Tom. He is basically a gentleman. But if you push a person to a wall, don’t be surprised if they push back.

  • carlos

    fire the coach

    • townline

      fire both

  • NEPatsfan

    Brady is the man!!!! John Doe and the rest of you haters STFU PLEASE!!!! Thank you 🙂

  • psg613

    Brady was pretty classy after the game. He said he deserved to get yelled at. Stuff happens during a game.

  • Genuine

    They are both human and it’s evident they both want to win. So what? Emotions ran high; that could be a good thing for Brady and the Pats. In the end, Brady again showed his classy side, by making a ‘non-story’ out of it. He didn’t sulk afterwards, AND he took ownership (whether he should have or not) for it all. Calm down media heads, the Pats will be just fine. After all, they are coached by Bill Bellichick.

  • Len

    The Coach calls the plays, the Quarterback executes them. You always listen to the Coach. Apparently the QB didn’t. it cost then at least 3 points. Bad decision on the QB’s part. He needed to be corrected, no matter how good he is. Great Coach!!!!!!

  • Jeff Kelly

    Fire Tom Brady, He is a number one JERK, to women, the media and the game.
    If he is “all that” he should have turned his back to the camera and told Obrien to piss off.
    Tom loves a confrontation and he IS ALWAYS right!
    Boo hoo… take your bad ass ball and go home .

  • hatepats

    Brady the best? Giants, Super Bowl XLII, enough said.

    • Jim

      Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX
      6x Pro-bowl selection

    • jrp

      Since 1985 the Pats have 3 SB wins and and 6 AFC championships. They have won the most games in this century. They have the best coach and best quarterback. You have Paytons little girly boy brother, and Tom Coughlin who was rumoured to be fired every year until they finally one a super bowl because of a bad call.

  • JellyofthePats?

    Brady is a student of the game. He is hard on himself when he makes mistakes. The OC should’ve been able to tell him he screwed up though without Brady getting pissed. I wasn’t there obviously, so I can’t comment fully. All I can say to all you Pats haters…How many Championships does your team have? In how many years? In fact, my New England teams in General own the rest of the country. Title town and proud of it. Don’t be jelly of the Pats cause your team is garbage. Just appreciate the best QB/Coach combo to ever play.

  • Ativa

    In a related news, The New England Patriots have announced that Bill O’Brien will not return as the offensive coordinator for the 2012 season.



  • Johnny K

    I am not sure what all the ruckus is about. I coached football for several years, and supervise some people at work. It takes a lot of guts to reprimand a star performer. Brady made a mistake, and his coach scolded him. Good for the coach; he did what most would not have the courage to do. The fiery situation is only because they both have the same competitive goal, to win. Brady’s response to it was really good, and he will likely not make the same mistake.

    The whole thing only looks good to me. Brady makes a stupid play. His coach reprimands him even though he is a star. Brady fires back in competitive frustration to what happened. Brady humbles himself and acknowledges his mistake, and will probably not make it again.This will just make the team better; so both individuals did the right thing:

    • Mike

      Well said!

  • JZ 61

    Has nobody else watched the clip enough now to realize O’Brien reacted to the fact that Brady was trying to blame Underwood for not making a catch. Watch how Brady is talking to the receiver – read his lips, says something like you have to go get it – that is when O’Brien obviously gets sideways as if he protected Underwood and that it was a bad throw. I doubt a coach would get that upset over a pick especially where Brady throws so few. Brady brought it on by blaming a young inexperienced receiver for his poor decision. Anyway they won!!

  • Anyone who can’t see how great a quarterback Brady is, can’t possibly call themselves a football fan. i don’t care if you don’t like him as a person (even though most of us don’t know the man), you have to look at the stats. They don’t lie. Tom admitted he was wrong later on and he and O’Brien hugged later in the game. It is a mutual respect thing. I have learned that the biggest haters in sports are some of the fans. Brady wants to win and is passionate. He gets mad at himself as much as he would any of his teammates that do not play to win. That is the mark of a champion and a future hall of famer.

  • NHCountry

    The biggest error in the play was throwing to the Rookie who has previously dropped critical passes. With all the receiving talent the Pats had on the field?? Other than that, every QB throws interceptions, or else they are playing in fear and shouldn’t be there. Even if the receiver couldn’t get in front of the defender to catch the ball, he made NO attempt to reach in and strip the ball. Brady was as upset at himself as at anyone else, and should have been left to cool down, not be yelled at by a minor coach who lost his cool completely. If they had come to a physical confrontation, who do you think is more valuable to the Pats, and if one had to go – who do you think would be on the losing end. Meanwhile, to those using these columns – why are you not able to express an intelligent thought and not allow others to have their opinion without resorting to childish back-alley vulgarity and name calling. Sounds like a bunch of adolescent school-yard bullies who are trying to puff up their chests and sound like a grown-up because they have learned a few “dirty” adult words. Grow up folks or you will just sound like the rocket-scientists who fill these pages with their ads for merchandise or dating services.


      Agree completely! It’s disgusting how some of these people make me embarrassed to be an NFL fan. Same thing happens on UFC boards. Grow up and learn to have an adult conversation. And saying anything bad against a player like Brady is pure jealousy.

  • Mike


  • O’Brien and Brady are a super duo, they need and help each other and will continue to do so.
    A little spat in the heat of battle is no big deal and you can bet as of this moment it’s off their minds completely. Trust me, played in the pros, and those pop offs are more times than not a healthy ending Just Chill out there

  • Mike

    Brady was trying to force in a bad throw because he wanted to go up 2 TD’s, because every time we scored they did too because of the lousy secondary, If he would have scored then we would have heard what a great play and not why didn’t they settle for a field goal, like we are now.

  • jrp

    I don’t believe Brady got into a heated arguement because he was chastized by O’Brien. Brady is the consumate company guy who would take the fall to cover for a coach. Brady is also a fierce competitor and he was getting sick of O’briens bone-head play calling.
    The offense alwys runs smoother when Brady calls his own plays, such as in the hurry-up.
    Brady and Belichick make a lot of coaches look good, and after they leave we find out they are average at best. That includes genius General Manager Scoot Paolli who is destoying Kansas City.

  • Val

    It is the coach’s job to yell at the players when approprate. It is never the players job to get mouthy at the coach.

    With that said, the coach should have never let it get to the point where others felt the need to restrain him.

  • He would have been fired if he touched Brady .Brady is the franchise player !!!!!!!!!!

  • Wrecker66

    Bottom line is if you like the Pats your as bIG A bitch as Brady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!