Danny Granger of the Indiana Pacers let David Stern know what he thought of the NBA blocking Chris Paul coming to LA.  There are appropriate ways to vent your frustration with a boss, this is not one of them.

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  • Melvin

    yeah danny granger is right, stern’s a bitch.. that’s the negative impact of the NBA owning the hornets. tsk.tsk.

    • Jeff

      Hey Melvin…learn to read. Granger didn’t call Stern a biotch, he called himself one

    • Jim

      Danny Granger wasn’t calling Stern a b1tch, he was saying that basically all the players (including himself) are Stern’s b1tches. Meaning David Stern runs everything and that they (the players) are pretty much slaves to David Stern. He wasn’t calling Stern a b1tch, he was saying that he’s one of Stern’s b1tches.

      • stern’s bi t ch

        That’s right. As long as he is commish the NBA games and ref’s are run by him and he choose who get’s to win. The jokes are on us. The Lakers are his favorite teams when was stern when Gasol was traded to the lakers?

    • Rob

      Massa Stern is moore correct. Whats next? Ankle chains and whips? Get over your self Massa Stern. Your plantaion is not in Jeopardy.

    • kakong

      LA/NO/HOU trade is the most pathetic trade i have seen for quite a while. LA dumping 2 above 30’s for almost 22 mil and then get CP3 in return. they save money and earn a star. HOU then gets PAO from LA valued i think at 18 mil and lose 3 players and a future draft pick..As for new orleans, it’s the best they can get of out CP3, which might probably just this summer. i think David Stern should allow this trade only and only if the lakers revised their offer and include 2-3 picks (1 to houston and probably 2 to new orleans). then Houston should take back the pick they offered.
      this is just my opinion but at least it is for the best of the NBA.

      • You are crazy, Sure that Lakers may be getting the best player but they are giving up BY FAR the most. An All-Star Player, who some were calling one of the best big men in the game right now and the league sixth man of the year LAST YEAR and possibly an All star starter on any other team. That’s a lot to give up for ANY player, especially when Bynum’s health is questionable. And that likely gives both Houston and NO, an All Star player. If NO was privately owned, do you think Stern would have just in an Vetoed the deal… Hell No! They are only thinking about getting enough in return to allow them to eventually sell the team. Having the NBA own a team has got the be the biggest conflict of interest in all of sports.

    • Hey they might be stern’s bitches, but their the highest paid bitches in the
      world and they only work 1 hour day. Whats the problem?

      • Nate35

        They are paid very highly, that is true, how much more so is Mr. Stern then? So it’s ok to just treat the very players that make him rich as if they have no say in their own careers? Regardless of their pay right is right and wrong is wrong. David stern thinks he’s the monopoly man. He’s a pompous jerk. Period.

        • Fermin

          David Stern is a businessman, this men get paid to woop and thats it. They are numbers. A one sided league is not appealing to the public. He (Stern)blocked a trade that would have tilted the balance to LA…. again. Thats the reason Coby will never touch Michael´s heels, because he cannot and will not ever raise the level of his fellow team mates.
          Mr. Stern is to the NBA what the Secretary of State is to the Nation. He forsees for the good of the mayority regardless of anything.
          Dont cry for money and fame, play hard thats what the fans want to see.

      • Geoff Jackson


      • You don’t know SHIT if you think they only work 1 hour days.

      • Fermin

        Even worst, this punks after signing their million dollar contract, dont dare to play hard anymore. Yes there are the highest paid bitches in the world. Relinquish your contract and free your self from Mr. Stern. You are not doing it right. Tell me who is te Beatch now.

      • al d.

        no man should be anybodys bitch,the nba shouldnt own any teams,and this is a prime example why!!,high priced slavery,why dont stern just make up all the teams the way he wants,sickening..

      • chill phil

        nba players do not work one hour a day..
        and they earn their high salaries. we the fans pay them.

    • Fermin

      Who the hell is Danny Granger, I guess an overpaid mediocre or perhaps less than mediocre player. Think (Luke Walton).

    • pat

      your a bitch. the N.B.A. sucks asskisser

  • jay

    wow..Stern has lost it..what a fricken jerk…how do you sabotage your own league, and still call yourself a good man…Paul is going to leave anyway, after the season, to a big market team of course, and you are hindering the hornets to at least get something for him, all because the owner of the world champion dallas mavericks has a problem with it…well, maybe he should have tried to make the deal…i guarantee that you would have let that slide…retire and do whats right for the league, it has passed you by old men, step off

    • jmurray121

      It wasn’t Dallas owner that had problem with it, It was Cavs owner(wrote a letter/email) and some other small market teams that had problem with trade.

      • Doesn’t matter who had the problem! Let the man go if that’s what he wanted. As someone stated earlier. He is leaving after the season anyway and the hornet will get nothing in return, plus he is going to be thinking about the what if’s the whole season. He will underperform as a result of shear unhappiness.

      • chavezj88

        actually he did, he went off about it on the radio

    • OnOWhat

      Isn’t Dan Gilbert the CAVALIERS’ owner? (Not the Mavs)

    • Terry

      I totally agree,all need to stand up agaist this man insance control tactics.each team is going to eventually acquire there own big three.So what if players go to the teams they wish to be part of.
      No man or organization should be able to interfere with a players wish as long as the player continues to work hard at what he loves to do and thats play basketball.

      I didn’t want to see Gasol and odom go at all,but each of these teams had a part in this bargain all stand to gain and thats what all this is about and the league should have no power to annul the business done by each owner to acquire players they felt to benefit by.

      The cav’s owner Gilbert is just whining because he is a total wash out now that James is gone.he needs to work at looking at his own business and not that of others.

      As a woman I know I could run his club better than he could ever even dream of doing.
      People like this will always complain when things aren’t going in there favor of course.When they are they just brag at being so narcistic.Like they are truly some God with special skills .
      but it of course comes only from the skills the players they employ have.

      The true good owners out there are the ones who know how to win championships without whining it didn’t happen because of some trade that didn’t happen.

  • jay

    wow..Stern has lost it..what a fricken jerk…how do you sabotage your own league, and still call yourself a good man…Paul is going to leave anyway, after the season, to a big market team of course, and you are hindering the hornets to at least get something for him, all because the owner of the world champion dallas mavericks has a problem with it…well, maybe he should have tried to make the deal…i guarantee that you would have let that slide…retire and do whats right for the league, it has passed you by old man, step off

    • Charles

      @Jay, It wasn’t Mark Cuban who had the biggest problem, it was Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • lorefejre

    hilarious!! and hes right

  • Priscilla Watson

    David Stern is bad for the NBA! He is a pimp, slave master. He has no respect or concern for the players of th NBA. He see these players as property to sell; you know like the 1800-1900’s. It’s all about the money he can make off their backs! He certainly hate the Lakers org & others, (Koby, Howard…) He uses the refs to control the game, slow some teams/players down… He + some owners want to decide who win the championship games. The players need to not accept any trade that Stern want… Hold out and go to the team you want. Chris P, just hold out and go to the Lakers anyway! It takes away Stern control of you! Forget Stern and some other owners that are in bed with him (like Dallas, Boston, Cleveland to name a few). By the way, how did Stern get to own a team and remain commissioner? When the truth comes out, all will know that Stern is a crook! It’s time for Stern to go! Get rid of him! Don’t go to games until Stern leaves.

    • Dan

      You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. First of all; David Stern does not own the Hornets, the league owns and manages the team. Stern is the commissioner only. Secondly; comparing the NBA to the slave trade is the stupidest and most disrespectful comment Ive ever heard. Please keep your idiotic thoughts to yourself

      • Howy

        amen to that! slaves didn’t make millions year after year, get to have a say-so regarding when their children would leave home, or get endorsements. STOP IT with the slave analogy – esp if you’re black – we don’t have a clue what it meant to be a slave!!

        Stop blaming Stern for your beefs – these players and owners will be ok….too many other people have real issues in life – like unemployment, tragedies, health issues. The Hornets and Lakers and every other team will be ok.

        Give me a break!!

        • Jimm Truly

          @Howy… I have to agree with you on the slavery comparisons. I mean Stern is a jerk, but the NBA hardly compares to slavery and there are definitely heavier issues than this.

        • mjc

          what better method of comparison is there braintrust, OTHER than to slavery? sure the players make millions. that only serves to illustrate that they are high paid slaves, without any autonomy, save for the little doled out at the whim of slave master stern and his uber rich underliings. wake up and smell the coffee and see that danny granger is totally correct in his assertion, even though he makes millions he remains massa stern’s bitch, to be used in the manner in which the massa chooses, just lke cp3, gasol, skola, odom, dragic, and the rest.

          who cares what is REALLY best for the small market team (seeking value for their wayward star) as long as the massa, fearful of a plantation uprising, maintains control of his field negroes. thank you danny for speaking up, we ARE the 99%…….GO LOBOS!

        • Pete49

          AMEN to Dan and Howy.Slave trade?NBA players?The level of ignorance here is incomprehensible.It boggles the mind when people living in This century talk about slavery like they know what they’re talking about.Yeah those NBA players sure are persecuted .Priscilla -your letter is insulting to black and white people.It’s amazing that you can’t disagree with someone(Stern) without resorting to such crap!

    • FITZtheGREAT

      IF STEARN IS A SLAVE MASTER please sign me up quick i want to be a slave and make 20 million $$$$ a year to play a game that bring me joy. priscilla watson your an IDIOT A SLAVE got taken away from thier love ones raped, wipped, hanged, work for free treated like scum, how the F can a multi millionare be compared to a Slave

      • mjc

        no……..that would just make you a whore. the fact that you do not understand history has nothing to do with your ability to snark. remember reading is fundamental, and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      • Milton

        Please learn to spell and remember idiot that:
        Slavery is not about money or benefits since because slaves were treated decently and without the harshness that most suffered; rather, slavery is about the loss of rights and the basic freedoms that a helpless minority experiences at the hands of a priviledged majority.

        • FITZtheGREAT


    • Pete49

      This is one of the dumbest e-mails I’ve ever seen.Just hold out and go to the Lakers anyway?You’re kidding right Priscilla ?He has a contract with New Orleans(one of the richest contracts in the NBA).Who is he supposed to hold out against?The Hornets aren’t at fault-they wanted to make this deal.Should he hold out against Stern?That will really show him huh?Should he sit home and not get paid at all?Stern and the owners want to decide who wins championships-uh yeah -every owner wants His team to win championships.You think they all got together and decided it was Dallas’ turn.Give it a rest!

    • steve

      Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is not in bed with Stern.He is more of a thorn.Cuban has been fined 15 times totaling 1.7 million in the last 10 years.

    • FedUp

      This type of victim mentally is what’s crippled black people for so many years. if black people in this country really cared about the impact of the slave-era, then they’d do what slaves didn’t have the opportunity to do – accept the advantages and privileges of public education. Now if you say, “well, the education system isn’t good” then supplement your education – do whatever it takes to get a quality education. THERE’S NO EXCUSE!! It’s a shame that the images of black wealth seen in this country come primarily from athletes, rappers, and singers. Jay-Z, Beyonce, P-Diddy, Michael Jordan, Lebron, and the likes are not the best role models simply because they can curse every other word, or slam dunk a ball in a hoop. Give me a Ben Carson any day over these “entertainers”. Wake up black people, get a clue, stop complaining about everything, and do something productive about it.

      This sense of entitlement is sickening!!!

      Yes, I said it and yes, I’m black….

  • Breyzh

    someone is butthurt not to be in NO

  • king21

    lol this is to funny but chris paul would be a good fit for la sorry to say tht but nyc is better for him

  • Curtis Jackson

    GROW UP! If I went the social media route and told my boss I didn’t like what he was doing and labeled myself as his bi$#h, I’d get fired on the spot. Act like someone who is making millions of dollars a year and not some minimum wage earning crybaby who’s mad at his boss because he’s being mean to a co-worker.

    • Jimm Truly

      I’m so sick of people speaking as if (black) professional athletes should accept/put up with anything from owners and or fans because of the money they EARN. Key word being EARN. Yes these guys make millions to play a sport but they also generate billions for the leagues they represent and should receive a hefty portion of the revenue generated by the interest in their talents. These guys spend most of their lives honing their skills to play at a professional level. They work hard and earn the right to play in these leagues. If you have an issue with the size of their contracts stop buying the tickets, paying for the cable subscriptions, and buying the merchandise. I’ve always found it interesting that this kind of rhetoric is always reserved for leagues dominated by black or minority atheletes. NHL players sign contracts worth millions as well. I’ve never heard any ‘they make too much cash to play a game’ talk about them. Stern has lost it, period. He needs to step down, He’s ruining the NBA.

      • Pontiacwhite

        They do complain about this in hockey too. Simply put, not that many people watch hockey compared to the NBA, and many hockey players can speak both English and French, as opposed to only being able to read and write Ebonics.

        • Rita

          For your information I am African American and I don’t speak ebonics, However, I do speak English and French thanks to JSU a black university.

          • James

            What part of Africa did you move here from?

        • Chris

          @Pontiacwhite dude your a moron, makes me ashamed to be a proud White American.

          • Bmoore

            I love how EVERYTHING is turned into a racial thing. That is stupid. First of all, if you are African American, you don’t know the first thing about being a slave. True your ancesters might but you don’t. Second, I didn’t do anything to you for you to dislike me. Because there was some retarded white people way back when has nothing to do with me. Third The Cavs GM should focus on his sucky team. He should have complained when LeBron was building his Super Team in Miami. Lastly, it is sad that a proffessional athlete makes a higher salary than a United States Soldier. They are keeping the country safe so the spoiled athletes can make their millions. Shooting Ball or getting shot at…hmmm wonder who should make more money! period.

        • urdumb

          your dumb and racist i think kobe speaks like 5 languages they get paid cause they were the best since they were kids truth is life is pimps and whores, owners and workers DStern bad move it was a good trade and not unfair to the league or the N.O. saying athletes get paid to much is like sayin the singers u listen to shouldnt get paid its entertainment and the more i make u the more i make period. i didnt agree with the lockout thought players were wrong but this move puts it all in perspective if im the best y shouldnt i be able to move somewhere that is going to help my family prosper its not about the fans at all these are grown men providing for their families Ebonics do u even pay attention theres dumb white people in the league that cant speak english either grow up read a book

        • Fred

          If you are making millions, you don’t have to speak or read, you pay someone to do it for you, this is called “Business”.

        • Daniel

          I agreee that the same problem occurs in hockey; it is just not as publicized. But don’t assume WE all are ebonically -inclined. I work hard to separate myself from the lazy and unlearned(that’s un-learn-ed). Some of these Caucasoids could use some refresher courses on the basics(reading,writing, and arithmetic) not to mention a history course or three. The white people I grew up around were rednecks and crakers, true enough, but what I learned from them is RESPECT if you showed yourself respectful and respectable. Everyone with darkskin is not a jigaboo; the media just chooses to focus on those with those aspects and traits, including athletes. Most of them did sit in someone’s classroom, fluglerod(look it up).

          • Jimm Truly

            Well said.

          • richard

            what was the reason stern blocked the trade

        • Jimm Truly

          I can read idiot and apparently you speak it fluently.

      • Dave

        There’s a difference between hockey and football. And no, it’s not that hockey is mainly white. It’s that hockey players rarely vocally complain about the contracts and if they do, they don’t have hissy fits and go out and play half-heartedly, they still go out there like men and do their best. So that’s why people hate to see players in football or basketball complain about their money situations. They act like premadonnas, most of them anyway it seems.

        • Jimm Truly

          So in the history of the sport no hockey player has EVER complained about anything, contract or otherwise. GTFOOH! I shouldn’t even dignify someone who speaks in such nonsensical absolutes. While we’re on the subject of hockey. It’s also interesting how fights are regular and accepted events in hockey yet it’s players are never referred to as thugs. If a football or basketball player gets in one fight his entire career he carries the thug title forever. Somethings never change.

          • The man said “rarely” complain, not “never” It would seem that you are the one dealing in absolutes, my friend.

        • norfolk

          did you ever think that’s why they beat the hell out of each other until they get concussions: fustrations!!! why talk when half your teeth are missing!!! especially when you have the russia mob clamping down on them from talking anyway(ha,ha!!!)

        • JayC

          Seriously? Didnt the NHL lose an entire season recently due to players complaining about contracts? It must have been O.K. though because they are hard working “white” professional athletes just looking to make a living.

          And what is with the complete double standard with mutiple fights in every single NHL game being “entertainment” for their fans, but you get 1 fight during an entire NBA season and all those black players are just horrible thugs. It’s ridiculous how our country continues to look at and judge people while not looking in the mirror at themselves.

          Even in baseball you never hear players referred to as thugs when they have many “brawls” throughout the season. Just good old fashioned entertainment, as long as your skin has no pigmentation to it………

      • Chris

        100% in agreement.

      • James

        Not just black athletes, white, brown and yellow ones too! Why do the racists always scream about racism? All professional atletes are overpaid. They develope their skills in public schools and then on scholarshipn at college. Should those insitutions get a large portion of the proceeds also? Business owners get to choose what they pay their employees. If the players dont like the rules, BUY A TEAM! All you mouthy steven a smith types need to watch your tv’s, drink your beer, cash your unemployment checks and let the adults tell you what you need to think.No owners=no league. No superstar overpaid players= new batch of superstar players paid much less.

      • Example Of The Systematic Corruption By White Male Powerstructure

        Well said Jimm… It makes me want to vomit everytime I hear white people use the lame racist argument that black men — “HAVE TO BE APPRECIATIVE OF THEIR ABILITY TO MAKE MONEY (IN THE WHITE MAN’S COUNTRY).” Its pathetic and blatantly racist in 2012 to imply that young black men who make money MUST BE FOREVER GRATEFUL to this country for “allowing” them to EARN money for themselves! Therefore ANY complaint they have is automatically marginalized and a product of them merely being “greedy, ungrateful, spoiled and having a bad attitude.” This has to stop! Young black men NEED TO TAKE MORE CONTROL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. Period. They dominate an industry that is controlled by the old white male powerstructure of collaborative corruption that has destroyed pro sports, as well as the entire country. NO industry is dominated by a race the way black men dominate sports… IT’S THEIR’S. THEY DESERVE TO OWN AND RUN IT. White people will be the minority in this country.. Their monopoly of wealth, power and corrupt powerstructure has to stop, and it has to start with pro sports… PS… I’m Asian.

        • mjc

          sing it! same goes for NCAA “amateurism,” and the millions made off of athletes of all stripes. unless of course they go to penn state where they can get their “degree,” but first they have to “shower” with the coach,

        • Pete49

          Wow-take a chill pill dude-you’re going to burst a blood vessel.”it’s theirs-they deserve to own and run it”?What planet do you live on?

          • mjc

            pete, perhaps you are the one that should “chill.”

            the idea that you believe that these professionals should acquiesce to anything massa stern desires simply because they make good money is ludicrous. that idea, in a nutshell is why they need a labor agreement, collective bargaining, and a union, so corporate/managerial overreach can be countered by the rank and file, who have a say in what goes on in THEIR workplace..

  • Andre Hewitt

    I am a fan from Jamaica that has been watching the NBA from Jordan denied my fellow country man Patrick Ewing and one of my fav. player Charles Barkley from NBA glory. Jordan is aso one of fav. players too. I am now 25 but I think David Stern made a move of a 6 year old to satisfy small market owners. I would like to just state that in all sports globally there is always going to be big and small teams because that is just how the world is made up. Mr. Stern you just ruin in my opinion the make-up for the fans for having them witness the soap opera with you and your so called players. Chris Paul going to the Lakers would be something I would have watch but I guess the fans dont matter anymore and that was clearly shown over the past few months.

  • bruce

    I guess Bryant Gumbel wasn’t too far off with his comment about David Stern a few weeks ago.

  • Dale Lanier

    Well…okay, then James goes back to Cleveland, Bosh back to Raptors and Anthony back to Denver. Where was the nullification(s) of these deals. N.Y. is not a small market and Miami isn’t that small of a market. I’ve know for years that some owners have been jealous of the Lakers. Now, do the Lakers get a say about a potential trade that they don’t like. If I were Mr. Paul I’d either pursue this trade anyway (legal-wise) or I’d wait until this short season was over then I’d go to the Lakers as a free agent. You’re chances of winning a championship in L.A. is much greater than in N.Y. and that is a fact. Evereybody in the league knows this. Thjat’s why they are trying to stop you and the Lakers from doing just that. DON’T LET THEM HINDER YOU IN YOUR QUEST FOR THE RINGS!

    • Jimm Truly

      Exactly what I thought! Well said.

  • Jeff

    First of all if Granger doesn’t want to be treated like a Bi&#h, they quit acting like one. Grow up and act like a man, not a boy-child.

    2nd …Cuban didn’t really have a problem with the deal as has been printed in several stories. He actually felt it was a good deal for NO and a bad deal for LA. But most lazy reporters have their go-to whipping boys…especially the East Coast press, that doesn’t understand the USA extends west of the Hudson Valley.

    Compiling several selfish, me first, “Super-Stars” on the same team won’t always buy a championship……just ask Pat Riley……how’s that working out for ya?

    • corey jones

      lookin lyk its gone be a Heat hate season again yal alll be on dey nut sacc damn let the women do dat an don worry bout that petty shyt jus watch it as entertainment not as a soap opera damn

      • Eyeduntno

        Dam cud uew pulz rerite yur comint, eye dunt undurstand uew. XD

        • Be4real Dude

          eyeduntno, That was funny! I was thinking the exact same thing. Corey, if you are Black, you embarass us all while perpetuating the stereotype.

        • s dog

          that reply was hilarious!!!! i really dont know.


    C’mon, they need to stop whining and crying about this. They need to act like the professionals that they are. So what if Stern is acting like a pimp, they are making a ton of money!!!! Let them see what it’s like living from paycheck to paycheck. Did you see how Lamar Odom was crying about being traded?? get over it!!! You still will be playing the game you love and making tons of money. They need to understand that this is a business, and sometimes business isn’t about your personal feelings.

    • AMG

      Dude your an idiot, half of the players in the NBA come from families who lived paycheck to paycheck so what the hell are you talking about? CP3 and the players are mad for the right reasons, it has nothing to do with acting like professionals. David Stern blocked a perfectly valid trade because 3, thats right, 3 out of TWENTY NINE owners had a hard on when they heard CP3 was going to LA and they didnt want it to happen. These same owners had the opportunity to speak up when LBJ and Bosh went to Miami, and when Garnett and Allen went to Boston, and when Melo and Amare went to NY. Not to mention Boston has continually been signing number 1-2 players from other teams to already add to their championship contending team (Shaq, J O’Neal, Robinson) and no one has said shit, but all of the sudden its not OK for the lakers to trade away a top 5 big man and one of the most versatile players in the NBA for a single great player? Even with CP3 and Kobe the Lakers are weak in the post and have a VERY weak bench and are far from a championship team. Its just that small group of owners got jealous and David Stern actually listened to those retards concern about the trade and he has now made possibly his last decision as comissioner of the NBA. STEP DOWN STERN! YOU JUST FUCKED KOBE AND CHRIS PAUL AS WELL AS LA AND NO! GET THE FUCK OUT OF OFFICE!

  • Tony

    I dont want to Chris Paul go to the Lakers, because then all the damn games will be predictable. They will become champions again and agian (consecutively) and this in my opinion makes for a boring sport because its predictable. I dont think David Stern should be interfering, he should allow the players to make their own decisions; but then again, who are we to tell politicians how to run politics? Think about it! i say, send him to a team he can make a major difference with (Knicks) possibly….

    • norfolk

      he has a better chance of hoisting a trophy with the lakers than with the knicks; and talk about preDICtable seems like cuban and stern are in bed together!!!!! in this case the right hand knows what the left is doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder ratings are getting more and more fucked-up under stern’s tenure!!!!! the idiot needs to go! the game has WAY passed him by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • john

      just because they get paul doesnt mean they are going to win look at miami. they have the big three and they didnt win

  • i am glad now the Knicks can get him at the end of the season when he is a free agent and stern cannot stop him

  • Carlos Anaya

    Right on Granger for having the sack to answer the fool according to his folly!

  • tony

    most definitely, then he will have a chance to make a major difference; he will then be able to make people talk about him more, and earn that glory for taking them from close to dirt to the thrown. Let’s see what happens, i don’t think the all the players get to make their decisions solely by themselves. I’m sure they have influences, whether nagative/unwanted or positive.

  • I cant believe all you dumb shits really care about Stern, the players or any of them. Just look at how much money these over paid pieces of shit cost every minimum wage earner that puts together the show so that they all get paid they’re millions to dribble a fucking basketball. Remember growing up and in high school when we did it for pride and just the plain love of the game and competition for life’s lessons? This is why they go broke and dick everything up. They have no clue how blessed they are with the talent they have. Get a clue. Take your millions and walk into the sunset happy so you dont have to work til 65 or 70 like the rest of us. Dumb asses!!!

    • norfolk

      since you’re talking life in general, where’s your criticism of all these fucking OVERPAID entertainers and actors whose return on investment is pennies on the dollar?! you want to criticise players but you’re probably one of those people that complain about too much violence but have no problem paying to go see an action-violence filled movie with washed-up OVERPAID -OVERATEDactors!!!!!!!! get real ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron

      Paul >I cant believe you are such a da trying to say that the NBA is like highschool basketball, needless to say you probally dint make the team or if you did ya sat no the bench for 95% of the season!, and if your so vain you have to work till your 70, then it serves you right!

  • Stern is doing what he has to do to save the leauge. Have you not noticed that every year for the last six years the attendance has gone down and the TV contracts have shrunk.
    Regarding the players: If you put 5 of their IQ’s together you could come up to 60 and they all now look like a bunch of tattoed freaks….Just listen to one being interviewed, they can hardly speak coherent english. They should consider themselfs damn lucky to be making the bloated salaries they now have

    • norfolk

      tell that to your OVERATED-OVERPAID tv and movie morons that give “so called entertainment!!!!!

  • tj

    lol “earned the right to play in the NBA” really, since when was it a right to play in the NBA? Oh ya it isnt and it never will be a right! get a clue buy a vowel something dude!

  • rick steves

    Ya players earn millions-billions whatever, but they still work for the league. My co-workers earn millions-billions for the big retail corporation we work for. They could not make that money without us running the stores. We don’t see a fraction of that windfall. That’s why people have a hard time listening to the players complain. They come off bad. I would play anywhere win or lose for a chance to play basketball for a living, and to make millions doing it , come on. Reality check. Cash your checks and shut the f up.

    • AMG

      Hey, reality check, these players spent their whole lives honing their skills and these were the people that stayed 2 hours after practice on their high school teams to try to keep getting better and better. Nobody watches the NBA for david stern or any of these owners, they watch for the players. Dont get me wrong, an owner is an owner and always should have the most power, but denying a perfectly valid trade and shafting CP3 out of $26 million dollars that he was suppose to earn is plain retarded. Not to mention its not so much about the money as it is the fact that he just wants a chance to win, and now he must spend another year on a dead-end team… for what? because the previous owner ran that team into the ground and the nba had to take control over the team because their are no potential buyers for that Shit franchise? Because 3 owners out of 29 had a hissy-fit when they heard Paul and Bryant are going to play together? Dont forget that Paul never complained and said he wants to go to the lakers, he never specified a team at all, he just wants to win. And now hes been robbed of that, AND the hornets have been robbed of a first round draft pick and 3 young and versatile players because CP3 is going to end up leaving as a free agent at the end of the year anyway. How the hell does the help the players OR the hornets franchise?? It doesnt, he just made a terrible mover because Dan Gilbert is still bitter over the fact that LBJ left his garbage franchise in the dust, so he doesnt want to see any other teams acquire any good players if they already have 1. F**k Dan Gilbert and F**k David Stern. They are running the NBA as whole into the damn ground.

  • Jay

    maybe he was protecting the Ny knicks so they can sign him after the season u know they favor Ny based teams too

  • Stone


    1.) Call for David Stern to resign as commissioner/Owner due to a conflict of interest. He is a poor example of how to be a slave master of human talent. His decision to block the Hornet deal was simply unprofessional and lacked the type of moral integrity that is expected of an NBA Commissioner.

    2.) The deal will be made due to the dynamics of all stakeholders envolved. This deal is a win win for all 3 teams, however the Lakers will save 75M and still get a superstar. who cares,, oops the owners do… They are afaid the Lakers will regain a legendary run to another championship. Laker Haters, get over it!!

    3.) Chris Paul is a stand up professional that deserves to shop his talents to a contender for an NBA title. He should sue the league and or David Stern for negligence and caving under small market owner pressure. In closing, Stern is 69 years old and surely after this last debockle his resignation and or firing is coming soon.

  • norfolk

    looks like the kkk and laker haters are out and have their panties in a wad!!!!! read my other comments, mf’s, and if the shoe fits-WEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krejaton

    This weekend, Stern is releasing the names of the teams that he will allow to qualify for the playoffs.

  • jerry pride

    What is the problem with the majority of these blogs? I dont egree with stern but you guys are insane. Really should players really be allowed to jump from there small markets to larger markets just because they want to. I too want to leave my small market but thatr just isn’t how businesses are ran. If it doesn’t make good business sense than it shouldn’t happen. I am a fan of the small market Indiana Pacers, haven’t seen this team have real success since Reggie. I want to see this team win also. There is a huge disperity in the league has been since forever Lakers and Celtics winning the majority of all the titles of course you win when the deck is stacked in your favor. More talent needs to be wide spread for the integrity of the game NBA sucks, becoming more and more like college but atleast anything can happen there in the NBA predictions are telling.

    • Funny 3 GM’s wanting to make the trade and the commiss comes in as says it ‘s a bad deal? The Cav’s owner is just mad about the mud on his face from Lebron. He was to stupid to trade him and ended up with nothing! NOw he doesn’t want to be the only dumby in the league! He wants to point to his mistake and make this what is wrong with NBA, having to compete against big market teams. It’s a joke, telling people how to handle their teams.

  • drlamster

    I blame both the League and Stern! A trade is a trade….why does it matter to them all? Bottom line, the players will get paid by their respective teams!

    This is Politcal BS!

  • Dan Gilbert made a horrible business mistake in getting nothing for Lebron James last year. No he feels that the Hornets should suffer the same fate….

    No matter what happens New Orleans won’t get anything close to the value of the L.A. deal simply because other teams won’t trust the league with dealing with them

  • starko

    Because I’m the MIZ……….And I’m……………AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoLongerAnNBAFan

    Somebody wake me when the NBA matters.

    I was a season ticket hold up until the last strike cut the season in half.

    I have only been to 3 games since. (all free)

    The league has become a shell of what it once was. This year’s lock out has shown how little player loyalty there is to the league, how little league loyalty there is to the players.

    This year’s antics has been a huge help for the NCAA’s ratings.

    So many of us have grown tired of millionaires and billionaires acting like spoiled b1tches

  • Arnaud

    Yeah but most of the Hockey players never entered college or learned there second language via an academic environment…sort of like Kobe, Pao, Yao, Dirk, Hakeem and 1/3 of the NBA, all who qualified for college, most with significantly higher GPAs and SAT scores than average. Ironically, you are probably the same person who classifies an illegal alien, who speaks 2-3 languages, as something other than a quality person.

  • John DeMatos

    Unbelievable arrogance displayed. Granger has made 27M in the 6 years he has been in the league. As inaccurate as his portrayal was I would give some deep thought as to what other career path he may have had if it werent for basketball- The same basketball that is built on viewership and when the league is coming off a blight from the lockout this is the very type of ridiculous rant that knocks a few more fans off the pile.

    Makes me appreciate the Grant Hills of the league all the more-

    I suppose being known as someone who quotes Meta World Peace is punishment enough-

  • Jay Snider

    For several million dollars a year like these poor bitches, let me be a bitch too. Poor poor bitches. They have no clue how lucky there are to even have a job let alone having multi million dollar contracts.

  • NBA is boring

    These prima donnas have to learn that they are under contract to the nba, not themselves. Christine Paul has to finish out in NO. So what? It ain’t Siberia. Get over it you bum. I’m glad the commish stopped it. The Fakers don’t need her on the roster.

  • WallyBoo69

    Funny blaming LeBron for this. Baylor, West and Chamberlin were the Original Big 3 in the late 60’s early 70’s ,and didn’t win a championship in LA until 1972. The idiots here dont understand that Sterns move on this issue is against precedence and most likely illegal. Lets see how things pan out if the Commish doesnt back up on this. Furthermore, Dwight to New Jersey?? I guess he really doesnt want to win a NBA Championship, because for sure it wont happen in Jersey.

  • what do you expect from the head jew and all the racist comments fromn dumd crackers

  • Tyour

    Now that the trades between Lakers, Rockets, and Hornets has be blocked by Stern…You will have Lamar going through the motion with the lakers because he’s not sure if and when he will be traded and you will have Paul going through the motion and can’t wati until the season ends so he can leave and the hornets will not get anything. Way to go Stern

  • Pete 49

    Hey Danny Granger -I agree withhat the sentiment-Stern treats the players like they are his bitches but dude please-you’re following in the footsteps of World Metta Peace and Chad Ochocinco?The two most obnoxious “hey world look at me” athletes that ever lived?Danny do yourself a favor -follow in the footsteps of somebody-anybody who has some credibility.Putting yourself in the same sentence as these two clowns lowers your own credibility.

  • JG

    PLEASE….the NBA owns the Hornets…..they have no real owner. The NBA with David Stern as the head man can do what they want. Does anyone really get this? If someone other than the NBA owned the Hornets, ok I get the hysteria. But the NBA freaking owns the team and is trying to keep their cap space down to find a suitable owner………

  • Example Of The Systematic Corruption By White Male Powerstructure

    It’s never smart or tactful or interesting, really, to compare anyone to a plantation worker. But after last night, the yoke of institutional control must be sitting a bit more heavily on the shoulders of Chris Paul, Luis Scola, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, and even Goran Dragic. Too often, discussions of labor practices in this country are automatically adjudicated on some nebulous sliding scale, whereby if you make less than $30,000, you’re probably too stupid to matter. If you make more than $100,000, you should probably just shut the hell up. And if you make somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000,000, you have no right to complain about anything to anyone. The power of this scale and the ease with which it is applied to any scenario should be self-evident by now — anytime you tune into a sports talk radio show, you’ll hear somebody say something like, “I work hard for $45,000 a year and these bastards make 20 million to play a game and they’re complaining.”

    Within a very happy vacuum, where money is just a means to an end and there is some magical salary threshold whereby all fiscal concerns turn into gold coins, this statement is almost logical, but within the highly racialized arena of American sports, and especially in the NBA, objections to “complaining players,” and the general edict of “shut up and take your money,” always carry the unmistakable air of racial prejudice…


  • namechanger

    his tweet says he is changing his name. so what? let him, i don’t really care.

  • eric

    One of the main reasons why I think Stern blocked this trade is because the Lakers salary goes down and they pay quite a bit less to the league. Which will drive down revenue for other teams.

  • Michael Wetzel

    I feel a little ahead of the curve here.I remember David Stern saying “my hands are tied on
    this matter concerning the Seattle Sonics”, and I was thinking what you really mean is-Seattle’s not a suburb of NYC or LA. Not only that, the owner of the OKC Sonics was caught
    on air in OKC saying “my intention all along when I bought the team was to move them”. That was a NO NO in league business rules,but once again his “hands were tied”.
    I’ve been boycotting the league ever since and when my friends ask me why? I just say
    let me know when David Stern is gone and I’ll be back!
    Thanks for the opportunity to write this comment.

  • bigmoe3178

    Its amazing didnt the league fine Clevland Cavaliers owner for his outburst towards LeBron James and they come out and pretty much acted like there is no emacipation proclamation…Wow why cant whats good for the goose be good for the gander…

  • T2EVZ

    I think David Stern should be the one to be traded to NBPA to make to change the tempo of the league and make it more interesting.

  • T2EVZ

    I think that David Stern should be the one to be trade to NBPA in order to change the tempo of the league and make it more exciting.

  • brion blanc

    I would be sterns bit##, and I would do it for a whole lot less money, everybody who collects a paycheck is somebodies bit##, that is life, I am a teacher and I am somebodies bit## for next to nothing money wise just tell me where to sign up to be one of these million dollar bit##es

  • Basketball? What’s that? Since the days of Larry Bird, this sport sucks in all fazes, faces, and feces from the Bull to David Stern. Feel me?

  • tony phan

    davis is the son of B. HE IS NOT UNITED STATES.

  • why dont they make Michael Jordan, or Magic Johnson or Larry Bird the NBA Commissioner. All 3 are great bizness men.

  • Gunny

    Capitalism- “God’s way of determining who is rich.. and who is poor.”-Ron Swanon’s “Pyramid of Greatness.”
    It was the smartest attempts and counters that everyone had/has(excluding the “sit at home and not get paid”) aspect. The league, and each team, are businesses. The goals of each seperate entity is to make money. That’s simply what they’re attempting to do.

  • Smuuth1

    I am simply appalled that the “Commissioner” would in my opinion overstep his realm of authority and veto a player trade. If all teams agreed and the players were satisfied then the commissioner should never get involved. This goes to show that the NBA can “steer and control” player movement leading me to believe that if this is being done, who is to say that they don’t steer the outcome of games also. Probably through the referees, needless to say I am seriously considering my own personal boycott of the NBA this year. I am a fan of the game and think too much politics and manipulation is now introduced.