Poor Lauren Alaina botched the anthem today.  First she was runner-up to Scotty on American Idol and now this.  You always have to feel for artists when they mess up the National Anthem in front of millions of on-lookers, and in the same thought it is also very funny.

At least she’s not Nickelback.

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  • Smokes

    She didn’t mess up, the volume cut out in her microphone for a minute.

    • m

      really?, you should learn the song dude – she did mess up.

      but got right back on that horse and finished strong!

    • Bill

      Smokes, you are dumber than your name implies.

      I have no idea what words you learned in 4th grade when you quit school, but she roylly screwed up the words. Then she had a paused, oh crap monent, and then picked it back up.

      Worse than your ignorant post, was Buck’s pathetic comment “it is how you finish, good job Lauren”…

      • Bill, if you are going to insult someone else, do a little research on spelling first.
        Regardless, I respect Lauren and the crowd for the way it was handled.

        • Mike

          she did mess up at 1st …but she did a good job picking it back up like the pro she is. I like the way Lauren and the crowd handled it.

    • Smokes….that was dumb. Nuff said. She messed up, but like we say in the biz, the show must go on and I love that she was still able to finish as strong as she did. That’s her one. If she does it again, then she’ll start losing the consumers’ respect. For now, she’s still a cash cow, and a very talented performer

    • So Lauren Alaina messed up singing The National Anthem.It was probably her first time singing it.There will be other times for Lauren to redeem herself.Lauren’s a beautiful young lady and will have a long career as a singer.

    • Wes

      You guys are dumb. She messed up ONE word. She didn’t royally screw up the song. She sang “through the twilight”, instead of “at the twilight”. It’s there that she caught herself…paused and sang ever other word correctly. What a bunch of tools.

  • Kurt

    Poor Lauren… Really! Have we come to the point that it’s acceptable to flub our national anthem and that is ok and funny? You should be ashamed.

    • To Kurt


  • I want to know where they fine these people,just because she finished second on american idol,does’nt mean she can sing.Get people who sing the national anthem for a living,not just some joe out of the blue.I would love to have Lee Greenwood sing it,or Karen Newman.Come on get with the program Lions,don’t be like the football team and don’t show up on big games.Why don’t the Lions just hand the game to the packers,oh they did that anyway didn’t they.You can’t tell me that these lions are not the same old lions,because they are.They make mistake one after another and dumb ones at that.I am feed up with this team and I am done with them.I will fine another team to cheer .

    • David Mack

      Ken Smith, Your a dumb ass

      • Why because I tell it like it is,or are you just blind ass wipe..

      • Sundayss

        Ha. Funny that the guy calling someone a dumbass doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.

      • James Haddon

        You’re a true dumbass. hehehehe

      • Bear

        You are or you’re, dumb ass. Unless you are commenting on your dumb ass..

    • fine= pay money for doing something wrong
      Find= locating a person who can’t spell

    • Jacob

      Good go cheer on another team you sorry band wagon jumping pansy. Maybe you should go cheer for the 49ers there doing good and its home of the homo’s like yourself. WE don’t need weak fans like yourself footballs a mans sport and back and the day Suh’s play would of been just another game. But we now have a bunch of pussy’s playing. If you dont like ity go watch tennis

      • David

        Suh’s play was dirty. At any level, he lost control of himself, therefore hurting the team. Can he recover from it, yes if he does the right thing.

    • cajuns97

      On the other hand, the group that did the National Anthem before the Cowboys-Dolphins game (some kids from Nickelodeon, which I was dreading it when they said they were from Nickelodeon) did a fantastic job. They did a cappella four part harmonies in an arrangement that stayed true to the original melody, and they did it really well.

  • Mary Didyoung

    I thought she was just fine…..why do we have to always be looking to tear someone down?

    • Mary,
      NO she didn’t do “just” fine. She SCREWED UP the National Anthem. My 11 year old son knows it, you’d think she’d practice making sure she was spot on when it was time, but NOPE, and even worse she screws up the 1st verse.

      It’s systematic with issues going on in this country. On the one side, I do feel sorry for her, but SHE did this because of opportunity for exposure and to “sell” herself, not to “feel good.” She had ONE job to do, and failed.

      It’s time we quit going for “celebs” that have proven they don’t have a clue and get someone that knows the words. This song isn’t designed to be a platform for ANY singer to create their OWN “versions” it is supposed to be sang a certain way. People need to quit making this personal and make this song about our Great Nation.


      • geo

        Damn straight.

      • LoganAlexander

        Bah. The anthem can be sung in many styles. The top 3 renditions in my book are, in order, Whitney Houston, Jose Feliciano, and just heard the Carmel High School Marching band in Macy’s Day parade.

      • JerryisGay

        You’re a Clown!! Mistakes Happen Mr. Perfect..Guarantee your a little bitch, i feel bad for your “11 year old” for having such a Panzy ass dad! Get a life you joke you just sound like a complete failure!

      • JB

        Must be nice being the one guy who never makes mistakes. Man, take a valium and relax a bit.

      • Paul

        I see you posting quite a bit of comments on here about how bad it is that she messed up the national anthem. What are you the national anthem police for the Untied States of America or something. Leave it alone man, shes just human, how well do you think you would perform in front of that many people. That’s what I thought. Stop downing people, if you are that hard on your son you are going to have a lonely life when you get older.

      • nick

        you know if you think about she probably did practice and practiced alot but its different when you get out on stage in front of people. if you had ever tryed performing you would know you can practice all you want but step out in front of those crowds and your nerves take over and you forget everything. maybe you should try doing she does for once and then complain when everyone ripe you a new one for not being good.

      • bigkibby

        Jerry, I totally agree!

        It’s the national athem for God’s sake, not some personal song to be sang by an artists point of view. Speed it up…..Slow it down…..Forget the words……etc.

        Looks really bad that it’s “OK” to botch our anthem. Old Francis Scott Key is rolling over in his grave.

        I would rather hear a tone deaf patriot sing the song the right way. Snappy and to the point.

      • Mom90210

        Jerry hit it on the head. I’m sick of these clowns they pay to sing the national anthem and then they mess it up. I understand pressure and nerves and all, but I don’t feel these “professionals” are putting their all into preparation. I think they are thinking “I know the words” and trying to wing it. The last straw is laughing about it. It’s not funny. If you find it funny, you should do a check-up on your chosen profession at the least and maybe your patriotism.

      • justsingitlikeishouldbesung

        Agreed..Just sing the damn song the way it was intended. Everyone tries to put their own twist on the National Anthem and it just ruins the song. They are so busy trying to sound sexy and different and all they sound like is the fool who sang it the same way before. Get over yourself and sing the song properly.

      • You said it the way it IS and WAS

    • le

      because… when you agree to sing a song that is what the national anthem is you should know the words…. no mater what the mike or music does.

  • philip

    i worked hard to get my citizenship. i know and memorized the national anthem by heart. where do you find all of these singers / american born at that, that don’t even know the lyrics to the national anthem. it’s a joke to have them sing the anthem!!!!! PRACTICE makes perfect.

    • PhillipTheseNuts

      you sound like a joke buddy, who gave you your citizenship? that was a big mistake! CLOWN!

      • philip

        look at the mirror. bud. there’s the clown!!!!!

    • So true, why do we as a society settle for mediocriety, I guess it is because of those reality shows that “teach” that being dishonest is the way to go. Our Schools are more intereseted in teaching those Tests that many want that there is no time to teach the National Antheme, historical matters, and other such things. How many realized that Monday was the anniversity of the assassination of JFK.

      • J

        Your post on mediocrity loses some of its impact by virtue of you misspelling “mediocrity”, “anthem”, and “interested”. Maybe others too, but I’m too mediocre to spend more time looking for your screw-ups.

  • Jack

    Jeez, give the girl a break. Its unfortunate that it happened and I bet its due to nerves. Its not like she is singing every week to national audiences now. Its the producers who should know better.

    Jennifer Hudson had the worse in my opinion, all ego and pyrotechnics, while the one that made homage to the song was Carrie Underwood.

    so you can have both extremes from the same pool of performers.

    • Jack,
      She screwed up the words, there is NO excuse for that.
      I agree with the other parts, but she had a platform to “self-promote” and not only did she forget the words, she created her own version, emphasizing places that she shouldn’t have. She sure did find time to practice her word emphasis, but couldn’t find time to remember the words. NO excuse, as again she found time to change the tones and inflections of the sun.

      • American Made

        Jerry, you coontinue to push for perfection. Sorry pal, but this great nation was never built on perfection, but on opportunity and giving it your best. She messed up…so what? Move on. Clearly your more interested in putting down than picking up, no matter the cost. This nation needs less division and more forgiveness. We need to unify on that, not on messing up a word in front of a huge national audience. Should she have sung it better? Sure, but she didn’t…get over it. You act as though our great American heritage relies on perfection. But America has been far from it. If you’re tearing down the people of this great nation Jerry, then you’re not building them up. You are only reflecting outwardly what lies within you….and you are not perfect, but very critical and negative. I would urge you to stop pushing down and start reaching out and helping up.

  • Drew

    first off she is very young 15 or 16 I think, and not a professional performer just yet. 13 weeks of American Idol doesn’t make for a professional performer. So basically, she is very talented, but lacks the experience and dues paying gig that professional musicians go through in their development. She should have had a teleprompter, or look up at the diamond vision screen to follow the correct lyrics. This is on the Producer of the National Anthem to make sure she had a safety net just in case. Look how many people have underperformed the anthem since Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl performance: Taped or not. . Believe me, this young lady was very nervous and knew it. But, can a 16 year old be relied upon to think of all the logistics of a professional performance? The answer is a resounding NO. I run a music school and am degreed in Jazz Performance, and have been teaching and developing musicians for 33 yrs. Just throwing that in so you readers know that I have some experience and know some inside things about performing on TV as I have done it on a much much smaller stage….HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • peg b

      Very well said. Perhaps the NFL should have a sign-up sheet for those of you who are flawless. And after you are done singing the national anthem then put on a helmet and
      play a flawless game. The world would be perfect ! (Ken Smith=perfect)

    • Drew, I’ll say the same thing to you,
      She sure did find time to practice using inflections and tone changes on the song. Maybe if, instead of spending THAT time changing the tones, she had spent the time recalling the words it would have been GREAT, as she does have a beautiful voice. But again, she found time to practice tone and inflection points for the song, changing it from what it is supposed to be.

      Since you run a music school you should know that. She DID find time to arrange this to her “style” which is the mistake so many people make. I’m sure as a music teacher you’d tell her that when given the chance to sing THIS song, DON’T attempt to make it YOURS, as it’s NOT, it’s OURS. So many have failed miserably. The best thing people can do is leave the song as is, and work on knowing the words. Period.

      • PJ

        I dunno, Jerry.

        She seemed to hit the notes and inflections a lot better, and a lot truer to the way we were taught in school, than most who perform at these sporting events. I see a number of posts here saying she did fine, she screwed up, and everything in between. But nobody has stated the actual flub…. here it is…
        When she got to the phrase “AT the twilight’s last gleaming” she replaced the word “AT” with “THROUGH”. She sings “through the twi” and paused, then finished with “light’s last gleaming”. Personally, I think she realized her mistake right then, thus causing the pause, the she finished nearly flawlessly.
        With the exception of the one goof, it was a good performance.
        I agree with your statements (and those of others) that these performers do need to spend more time practicing and getting the words right and not personalize it too much. I don’t mind if they sometimes carry out and extend the phrase “land of the freeeeeeeeeee” out a little longer, but that’s about it.

      • Drew

        You are correct! I would have told her those very things. Sing THE melody, not your own melody with too many embellishments. So, good points you make.

      • Nice

    • PJ

      She is a professional by the generally accepted definition of a professional (if being a professional means having a contract with a music company and releasing an album). Granted, she’s only 17, but being a runner up on American Idol gave her considerable experience in front of a live audience.
      I’m not bashing her, but rather I’m bashing you for making statements without paying attention or doing a little research. Obviously you don’t have much talent, as your 33 years of teaching exemplifies the old saying, “those who can, do… those who can’t, teach.”

      • Drew

        Your reply to me was and is way off base on two points. What it means to be a professional has been watered down over the years. As far as my talent, what an asinine assumption you make you IDIOT!! I have also earned a degree in Jazz Performance and play professionally on a regular basis for the last 30 years. It shows your ignorance in making a rash judgement about my musical ability. I can and I do, and I also develop talent. I am not bashing you as a person, but how can you say I haven’t paid attention?? Or did any research?? That is you assuming something you know nothing about.
        Your statement “if being a professional means having a contract with a music company and releasing an album”.
        The word “if” is the key word. I would go further,but it would serve no purpose. Why attack me when I never said anything personally about you or anyone on this forum???

      • American Made

        Haters love to put others down. In this case PJ it has not lifted you up. Good points Drew! Drew, your professionalism rings true in your message. PJ can tell us what professionalism is but clearly can not replicate it. PJ has knowledge, but not wisdom or experience.

  • Mike

    How do you forget the words, in the middle of a word? pretty sure it was the mic that cut out on her.

    • Drew

      There are so many variables that go into singing. Diction can be an issue. So, it’s easy to “forget” the word in the middle of the word. Also, nerves can stop your tongue from moving properly and thus silence can occur. Peace

  • Wombie

    I have never performed in front of that many people but can only imagine how her nerves got the best of her. I’m sure she knew the words and the last thing she wanted was to make a mistake so she could feel horribly embarrassed and have to read all your critical comments. It was a mistake, forget it Alaina many of us still think you’re a very talented young lady. Sending a hug your way, Girl.

    • Pete 1942

      The world is a huge stage, why not look at the mediocre producers and while gazing at the mediocre talent,, take a look around you and observe the mediocre congress people.
      look around again, man should have never allowed women to vote or drive cars,, keep most of them barefoot and ,, well maybe you know the rest.
      Oh and by the way who in the ;;expletive,, came up with black Friday ” and black ice,, and on and on,
      oh and by the way we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and our meal was out of sight, especially the dressing and gravy supplied by our daughter and the mac and cheese supplied by my wife and oh by the way, someone attempted to make or supply a chocolate pie,, my favorite ,,first of all the supplied pie was a complete waste with a huge raw egg merange (sp) oh gosh raw egg., one of our cousins could have knocked one out of the park with her chocolate pie but she chose to prepare something else.
      my attempt at making a point is relax and get used to mediocre ,, when our mediocre conservative “friends” allow norquist to run their side of the agenda, if that doesn’t tell the voting public something well i reckon they are just to stupid to figure anything out including singing the National Anthem

  • Nick

    So many illiterate people responding with misspelled words and poor grammer. The Girl did a poor job on a song that she should never have messed up. I won’t be buying any of her songs. She gets an “F” in my book.

  • Fine= pay money for doing something wrong
    Find= locating or discovering a person who can’t spell

  • Ed WeLuvLauren

    My wife and I are crazy over Lauren. She can make no mistakes that matter us.
    You will not catch her singing about cop killing or beating up on her mother , etc.

    Just keep kickin’ butt young lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We would love to see/hear Lauren and Scotty duets on DVD/CD.

    • truth

      Ed WeLuvLauren, you guys are stupid country hicks.

    • Mom90210

      Ed, Too bad you and your wife have such low esteem for the national anthem. You think more of this singer than you do the song and do not care that she performed it so poorly. You must not be an American.

  • annonymus

    I guress thats why she came in 2nd

    • Mom90210

      lol good one!

  • m

    You all act like your perfect and have never messed up anything. You really need to stop being negative and look at the positive side of life. the only thing that will happen with you being negative all the time is you will loose forever. Only true positive people will survive in the end.

    • Mom90210

      We are being positive … she positively screwed this up and should be ashamed – not laughing – about it.

  • Sheri

    She did screw up the National Anthem and should hold her head in shame. I agree she has got a long way to go as a pro. They should have made another choice. To Ed WeLuvLauren she got her butt kicked she has never kicked any butt. Absolutely embarrasing to the NFL and herself.

    • Pete 1942

      To Sheri
      where are you coming from,,, embarrassing the NFl,, they too are mediocre

  • justanotheropinion

    Cut the little lady some slack, nerves got the best of her, and she bounced back, not everything in this life goes as precision as the computer, we have come to expect perfection from everything, and when someone displays less than perfect results, so many want to crucify them, I’ll give ya that she shouldn’t have flubbed it, but she did, get over it, she is, after all, human, and young, next time, like anyone else, she will have learned from her mistake.

  • Keyop

    For those of you who are so self-righteous in your misspelled and juvenile critiques, the words, “Small minds are amused by small things”…The National Anthem performance by this young artist was not perfect but done very well…Do you really know what she practiced, how she practiced?…Do you really know that she accepted the invitation solely to promote herself?…Get a life, for heavens sake!…Unlike most of the critics shooting their mouth off here, voicing such disdain about an innocent loss of thought for 3 or 4 seconds, the young lady was totally poised and at no time brought forth a “hey, look at me” performance…Rather, she presented herself humbly and performed with the dignity and somber regard that those of us who respect the Flag and what it represents, expect.

  • pillsberry

    everyone makes mistakes

  • phast

    another jerk goes on tv and can’t remember her countries national anthem.lets add her to the list that started with robert goulet at the clay liston fight.don’t worry tho. some other wannabe or has been will pick up where she left off. francis scott key is rolling over in his grave.

    • Bear

      How many countries anthoms does she have to remember? Or did you mean “country’s”?

  • steve b

    We just need to stick with a band playing the National Anthem

    • Jimlit

      I agree, Steve. There are military bands, choirs, ensembles, and soloists around the country who will “honor our country” through an honorable and correct rendition of our National Anthem. The anthem should NEVER be used as a tool to spotlight and promote entertainers.

  • francisscottoffkey

    I believe the singing or playing of the national anthem should be reserved for special occasions and, additionally, should not be used as a promotional stunt for groups or individuals.

  • dan

    she might have messed up or her microphone cut out

    either way she human
    we all make mistakes

  • SonicTodd

    There were a lot of people there. She most understandably was nervous. She did hickup on the lyrics. I was very impressed with her recovery and how she commanded the rest of the national anthem.

    Great recovery girl!!
    I wasn’t a fan before, but I am now.

  • nfl reporter

    The mic’s did cut out because also if you would have been listening during the nickelback performance their mics were also cutting out, and if she wouldve messed up you would have heard a jumble of words or a bunch of mumbling, but you didnt the mics were cutting out.

  • Robert

    I guess all you critics are the real deal americans…just try to sing the national anthem without screwing it up… oh by the way add a few million people to your audience too…

  • The_Mick

    She said the wrong words then stopped for several seconds. The first part happens to all musicians. The second part does NOT to most professionals. Training in performance music includes things you do when you mess up. If all else fails, you jump ahead to the next part you know. But you keep the pace of the music flowing.

  • Frank

    After 38 years as a sports official, as an umpire, referee, coach and fan, I have endured thousands of attempts to sing our national anthiam. Only seven times has the singer hit the high note at the end, She had a nice recovery though she did rush the words. It bothers me move that do not stand, remove their head gear or place their hand over their heart in respect of this country. A Vet

  • Peter Bronchitis

    Ever notice how people behave towards total strangers behind a screen? Yet in person if they disagree, they are many times more polite about it. Interesting isn’t it.

    • Truth

      Peter, I think you are interesting.

  • ratroe

    No, not good, but the poor child was very nervous and made a mistake, I think she corrected herself and continued , as you learn in public speaking, and is even harder to do singing. I have problems with Lauren,

  • BluesBthr

    SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Big Deal. another opps moment. Lauren Messing the words up is not the pathetic thing here. The pathetic thing is how the rest of the world makes it sound like its the worst thing someone could do.

    They say that the national anthem is by far the toughest song to perform live becasue the pressure thats asscociated with having the honor of singing it. Its not the end of the world if someone messes up the lyrics. Its not like they got up on the mic and say “FU America”.

  • Ernie

    Lauren may have a had a momentary lapse, but I’ll take her rendition of our anthem over one of those ‘hotdogging’ performances some of those self-indulgent ‘pop’ clowns put out any day.

  • Robin

    Lauren did a good job.

  • TwoHearted

    OK, its like this… you know well ahead of time that you are going to have the honor to sing our National Anthem in front of millions of people on TV. How many hours of practice did you or should you have practiced? I just cannot accept any excuses for messing up this song! Especially given what is going on in the world and with our country at the moment! Keep trying to say things like she is young, or inexperienced or whatever – sorry… doesn’t fly with me! If you can’t get this one right then stay home! I do NOT want to hear this song disgraced!

  • khorkey

    She did fine we all make slight speaking singing errors at times. I was reciting the Pledge at School once and had a momentarty brain freeze it happens.You just pause rebound and continue on.

  • Intolerant Pukes

    It is easy to be intolerant when not faced by a hostile crowd. Drew and others of his ilk on this comment list need to make some of their comments in a public forum instead of on a keyboard protected by the internet. In a public forum, those they insult with their intolerant rants of “dumb” “ignorant” would have the opportunity to slap them punch them or knee them in the groin until the intolerant jerk speaking says “no mas”. Drew go back to high school, you need some more swirlies to adjust your attitude.

  • Brian

    She did fine. Her voice is beautiful. Shes a great country singer.

  • mark alley

    That was beautiful..made even more so (to me) if she had a ‘moment’ and finished so well anyway. She adapted and overcame-in true American spirit.

  • WOW! look at you people going this crazy over a pause in a song. Acting like you’re all so patriotic and perfect! There really isn’t much politeness anymore, who the f**k are you people? and why do you care THAT much about something that is honestly not even remotely a big deal..

  • Taylor

    Why is this an article or piece? Why isn’t the point of this clip the 99% she nailed?

    I wonder how many of us could practice this as much as she did and still mess it up? It was a small mistake. It takes a special person to have the talent to make it sound that well… and the minerals to get up there and do it even if it is for money. Haters, get a life….small people talk about other people and criticize….. great people talk about ideas and are persons of action.

    Haters, go outside and play or something. At least attempt to make something useful of yourself…. I guess what I’m saying haters, grow up.

  • no1bser

    It was’nt her microphone cutting out it was that she realized she accidentally said the wrong word in that verse and she was nervous and she paused regained her composure and pushed on with the rest of the anthem

  • Hork

    Its perfectly all right to flub the National Anthem in the Age of Obama, because it is expected of good shallow liberal types. Obama is making this rash of song butchering happening.

  • Jan R.

    This comment is directed to the editors or whoever is in charge of publishing these blogs/comments. If you would simply eliminate ANY comments with vulgar language or crass comments, it would “clean up” these Comment Pages quite considerably. I get so tired of reading the negative and ugly comments from what could only be teenagers or young adults. Many of us seasoned folks would never dream of putting down in writing the rancid words and thoughts we constantly read online. What has caused our society such a downslide in language usage and empathy?

  • Gringo

    She didn’t mess up on purpose…Suh kicked her and it threw her off.

  • Just a fan

    Unfortunately, she messed up. Period. No, don’t blame it on the microphone. She clearly said the wrong word(s) prior to the brief period of silence. We’ve all seen this before and will see it again. Why don’t the producers put up teleprompters whether the artists claim to know the lyrics or not? I’m not a singer but I can only imagine how nervous someone must be performing in front of such a large crowd and with a song as important as our National Anthem. Even professionals are human and make mistakes. We can lessen these embarrassing occurrences if the people who put on these shows take a few extra precautions like making the words are clearly visible to the performers.

  • jenny

    I understand being nervous I admire her attempts. I agree with some of the above the song is the National Anthem and should be sung as it was meant to be.. All this drawn out lyrics and changing the beat and head bobbing, extending every word really isn’t necessary it is worse to me than missing a word.

  • The Simple Truth in all these Singer is that they focus on ‘ME’, and not the Star Spangled Banner. Instead of concentrating on what that song means to America, they go for their attention.

    She got what SHE wanted.. A FLUB!

  • as far as i am concerned i dont care HOW popular this broad gets i will NEVER buy any of her CD’s or even watch any of her videos. if she is too stupid to learn our national anthem wich i have had memorized since the third grade in 1968 then she does NOT deserve my attention as a performer…go back to school stupid

  • Rick

    Now we know why she was runner up. But in the same breath dude that won screwed up his lip sync on National Televsion during the parade. So which is worse? Screwing up a live song of a song you don’t sing everyday or the lip sync of your OWN song???

    I guess the talent pool is getting mighty slim on these music shows.

  • cali

    her career is over she should just go straight to porn

  • William Hung

    I could do better.

  • CalmDown

    I’m surprised they didn’t show aaron rodgers reaction like at the Super Bowl last year when Christina Aguilera messed up when you can tell his lip were saying she messed up. The reaction on aaron’s face was funny and priceless haha

  • Who Care’s GO GREEN BAY!

  • Tony M

    Believe me I have heard worse rendition of our National Anthem. She did not scream it the way many singers in the past, nor did she try to give it an interpretation of what I consider to be an abomination the way other performers have done.
    She sang it straight from her heart. So what if she flubbed a line haven’t we all at one time or another.
    It is a most difficult song to sing that only a trained Oprah singer can do justice to it.

  • To those that comment! Do you read others post or are you so enthralled with yourselfs or that selfish of a person that you don’t care what others are saying? oh hell what does it matter as long as there listing to you?

  • Deebola

    Hey, we’re all human. At least she sang it righr without adding a bunc of bs hip hop that shouldn’t have been there. Two thumbs up! Still stood the hair up on the back of my neck!
    USA !!!

  • Art Williamsen

    Where do these well versed morons come from? “your” instead of you’re, “there” instead of they’re. And we wonder why the school systems are side stepping grammar. They figure why bother, when most of these clods are producing the iliterates we are faced with today. As for our national anthem, sing all the correct words, don’t use every octave known to man, and please, this is not an audition for furthering your career!

  • who cares if she messed a little. it sounded great. if anyone ever has sang that song in front of an audience….it’s nerve racking. she did great!!

  • Michael J

    She Screwed Up Period …Many have Died defending this Wonderfull County on foreign soil and they all deserve better!

    P.S. Do They Ever Screw Up At The Tomb Of The Unknown Solider

  • perfect humans dont exist


  • ArizonaMaMa

    Easy to critique. If any of you have stood in front of a crowd to perform (I have in younger years!) to sing or do anything else, it is VERY difficult, no matter WHAT your ‘profession’. Even Seasoned Artists get ‘butterflies or nerves’! NOW to my personal issue: DO NOT attempt to sing, play or perform ANYTHING you do NOT know the words, music or melody! Francis Scott Key wrote the notes for a REASON and the LYRICIS were meant to be sung in THAT melody! NOT improvised to ‘show off’ the vocal abilities of whoever is ‘singing it’ (or playing it) or the diversity of their ‘range of vocal’ abilities! If you do not PRACTICE and KNOW THE WORDS without even THINKING about it, please excuse yourself from attempting this until you DO KNOW THEM! It is OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I am very proud of this musical anthem and my Country. If you don’t like the One Nation UNDER GOD, please feel free to move somewhere else where God isn’t important and their (Whatever Country that would be) National Anthem is an arbritrary ‘piece of music to be interpreted’. I’m willing to bet MOST COUNTRIES WOULD NOT TOLERATE THIS! Might seem harsh, but I’m very tired of the Liberal direction this country is going! God, Prayer, National Anthem, National Pride…hmmm and many other things are ‘just no big deal’ to many! Why have we changed our National pride and Love of this Country and what She stands for?

  • mo

    i’m a vet and when i got a chance to watch a sporting event it made me proud to hear that song. it made me feel that the things we were doing meant something to the people at home. there were many times i was scared to death but if i messed up, even for a moment people died. i just wish they took the time to prep to sing the song right

  • bill p

    leave it up to fox new to disrespect this young lady. for one she never sang this in school because are government don’t allow it any more. she did it like its been done a million times. did the audio cut out or did they do it on purpose? we will never know because people would rather blast the young girl for a minor mistake.
    Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
    What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    On the shore dimly seen thro’ the mists of the deep,
    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
    What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
    In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream:
    ‘Tis the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,
    Between their lov’d homes and the war’s desolation;
    Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
    Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  • BReal2011

    She flubbed on word….big deal….way to finish out strong….

    • BReal2011

      …one word…

  • DD

    This is the reason why most artists lip-synch the Anthem….
    It’s the ONE song you don’t wanna screw up on….