Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, didn’t do himself any favors when he got kicked out of the Thanksgiving day game between the Lions and Packers.  Suh continued to solidify his “dirty player” reputation, this time by slamming a Packers players head into the ground and then kicking/stomping on him.  Keep it classy, Suh.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WZki4UB8jw[/youtube]

via B.I.

  • Khorkey

    He is a bum the things he has done are totally wrong somebody needs to set him straight he is a no charachter punk.

  • Ndamukong “Scum”

    Khorkey..Tha’t for sure..and to hear his damn lying story regarding the incident is sickening. His explaination was nausiating as was the excuses offered by the a-typical commentator that offered reasons for the guys actions..They are both sickening and the player should be banned for some time. Not placated.

  • deadboy 420

    The worst part of Suh’s delusional lies afterwords were that does he not realize the age we live in? How many HD cameras are on the field at any given moment? I have seen this play from at least 4 angles and they all show him abusing and risking another mans career by pushing down on his head with the angle his neck is at. The repeated head pushes into the turf I think is worse than the childish arm stomp…

  • Robert

    Give me a break. I am tired of all of the PC BS. It is about time that players started believing the crap they spew. This player is guilty of correcting a wrong…that is all. Talk the talk and get run over by the bigger, meaner player. If anyone thinks that the result was not caused by the green bay player talking shit then you are a fool. It’s a contact sport and suckers that talk trash need to get their asses kicked. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Kick some ass and let the touchy feely pussies rally for a better future without global warming.

  • Robert

    I doubt that this website has the intestinal fortitude to publish my original comment…a sure sign of the PC BS that I spoke of. If people are offended by my comment let them express themselves. You will find a common thread…loserville occupation.

  • Mark

    Robert, you are a complete and utter moron. Your intestinal fortitude has diarrhea of the mouth! He has a discipline problem that it supported by having more personal fouls on his record than any player in the league during the same time period. The wrong he needs to right, is his own street punk like performance. See if you can swallow that Robert!

  • Coach

    Robert, it’s fools like Suh and their childish behavior that make coaching HS football difficult…he’s probably always been bigger and stronger than others and has been able to bully others…now that he’s in the NFL, and gets dominated regularly by better O-linemen, he has regular hissy-fits…Suh is the ultimate pussy because he can’t win using proper technique and skill…he has to resort to BS behavior ‘cuz he can’t perform correctly…you think anyone who plays by the rules is a pussy…you’re a pussy cuz if you ever played football, you’d know how stupid you sound…additionally, if he’s so tough, why does a player talking shit get him so mad?…cuz Suh is a pussy and can’t handle it…in fact, you can’t handle it either, and that’s why you have to talk so tough…

  • Mike

    Suh is a Thug! Theres guys on other teams that are Bigger and Badder and just as Dirty and could make Suh wash their jock straps but they control themselselves as Proffesional Players.Suh is a Bitch! Takes a real Big Man to control his emotions!!!!Once his Knees go out we will hear about him shooting someone in cracktown!!
    THE END!!